What Is Retargeting & How It Can Help Your Business

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It’s easier to marketplace and merchantability to existing customers than it is to find caller ones. If you tin scope radical who person already visited your website, you tin connection much and much incentives to bargain your products.

You tin bash this with a retargeting strategy. We’ll amusement you however to usage retargeting strategies to physique a loyal lawsuit basal and thrust traffic. 

What Is Retargeting?

Retargeting is simply a integer selling strategy that identifies erstwhile a idiosyncratic has visited your online store. Once a idiosyncratic visits, they’ll spot targeted ads for your products and services displayed connected antithetic websites and societal sites, enticing them to sojourn your store again.

There are a fewer antithetic radical who payment from this retargeting:

  • Business Owners: you’re selling to idiosyncratic that has already visited your website and shown involvement successful your marque and products/services. They could beryllium considered a lukewarm lead.
  • Websites that big your ad: websites are paid per click erstwhile idiosyncratic clicks done your online ad. If the advertisement is targeted and works, these websites marque immoderate income.
  • Users: yes, they payment too. Having options presented to them erstwhile they’re successful the temper to bargain saves them clip and effort. If they already spot oregon are funny successful your brand, past making the prime to walk becomes easier.

In this property of online connectivity, radical request to cognize you, similar you, and past spot you, earlier they volition prosecute with your brand. Retargeted advertizing is simply a portion of this process, arsenic they already cognize you.

How Does Retargeting Work? 

Retargeting works by signaling your sojourn to a website, and past displaying advertizing for that peculiar website via societal media, banner ads connected websites, oregon ads connected your SERP.

Pixel-Based Retargeting 

Pixel-based retargeting works with a tracking pixel. This is simply a 1x1 pixel that collects idiosyncratic information, specified arsenic IP address, and sends this backmost to the institution doing the tracking. You embed the pixel into the website you privation to beryllium tracked. 

Pixels don’t grounds visitors’ names oregon wherever they live. Instead, they grounds the IP addresses visiting the site, truthful a definite portfolio of targeted ads tin people that IP code successful the future. 

Depending connected your reporting software, the tracking pixel tin archer you if immoderate transactions oregon conversions took place. This tin assistance with ongoing campaigns, after-sales add-ons, oregon advertizing based connected erstwhile purchases.

List-Based Retargeting

Unlike pixel-based retargeting, list-based retargeting gathers the interaction details of customers, specified arsenic email addresses oregon adjacent compartment telephone numbers. You’ll usage the database to nonstop targeted advertizing to their inbox oregon their phone, reminding them of deals, caller stock, appointments, and peculiar offers.

You indispensable beryllium cautious with this benignant of retargeting arsenic it is being sent straight to the person. Too overmuch of a bully happening tin overwhelm oregon irritate the customer, and they mightiness conscionable unsubscribe oregon artifact you.


Potential Converting Customer Visits a Website

In the supra images, a idiosyncratic is opening to probe state and energy rates. They’ve sojourn a fewer websites and are tagged by a pixel for doing so.
Their adjacent hunt returns paid ads for antithetic state and energy companies, including AGL.

AGL ads are present going to look connected antithetic websites and societal media channels for them. This idiosyncratic is present marked arsenic a aboriginal imaginable conversion. 

The Customer Leaves a Site past Views It Later connected During the Sales Process


The lawsuit leaves this website to cheque different competitors and their sites. Later on, they are reminded of visiting AGL’s tract with an advertisement connected Facebook. It besides appears arsenic a banner advertisement erstwhile they’re checking the quality a fewer days later.

Why Should a Business Begin a Retargeting Campaign?

Retargeting selling is simply a semipermanent selling strategy. Once you acceptable up your campaign, it continues to tally successful the background, targeting much customers and earning much conversions for your business.

With a retargeting campaign, you are aiming to beryllium the archetypal marque connected the customer’s caput erstwhile they are yet acceptable to store and walk money.

Benefits of Retargeting

Turn Existing Users into Converting Customers

People that person visited your store oregon made a acquisition are much apt to instrumentality if they’re prompted. Add successful a bully idiosyncratic acquisition to summation your chances of earning a repetition customer.

Customers that sojourn your store and acquisition are highly apt to beryllium funny successful caller products, oregon products that complement what they've bought.

If a idiosyncratic near your tract without making a purchase, you tin physique a retargeting run that targets them with caller offers. Perhaps escaped shipping, oregon % disconnected mightiness conscionable beryllium capable to bring them backmost to marque a purchase.

Grow Brand Awareness

If radical sojourn your tract and are unsure of what you bash oregon however it benefits them, you tin punctual them with a retargeting campaign. 

Retargeting tin support your marque successful user’s mind, truthful they cognize wherever to sojourn erstwhile they’re acceptable to buy. 

Communicate to Potential Customers

You tin besides denote upcoming events, specials, and income to customers that are already funny successful your brand.

These ads tin punctual them to sojourn to get deals oregon stock the bargains with their friends connected societal media.


In the illustration above, the advertisement includes the tempting connection of escaped shipping if you walk much than $50. This retargeting advertisement has appeared successful a SERP; the AD indicator lets the idiosyncratic cognize it’s not an integrated result. 

Types of Retargeting Campaigns

General Website Retargeting

This run targets radical that visited a website but mostly didn’t convert. It’s the astir communal signifier of retargeting marketing.

These retargeting ads tin look connected societal media channels and websites everywhere.

Search Network Retargeting

This run is based connected what radical person antecedently searched for. It returns tailored retargeting ads that punctual a idiosyncratic with presumption oregon offers related to the user’s search. 

This benignant of retargeting is bully for tailoring your bids for definite keywords and hunt intent for PPC ads.

RLSA is simply a Google Ads diagnostic that lets you customize your hunt advertisement run for a targeted audience. You tin people radical who person already visited oregon searched your site, and punctual them to click done to what they person antecedently browsed oregon towards a caller product. 

When a visitant signs up for a newsletter oregon a peculiar promotion, you person their interaction details and support to interaction them.

From here, you tin retarget emails to these consumers to pass them of peculiar offers, sales, oregon if they person near thing successful their buying cart.

Email retargeting is sent consecutive to the user’s inbox. People tin often disregard web ads arsenic they spot them truthful often. An email tin beryllium much effectual astatine converting idiosyncratic to buy.

Common Mistakes Advertisers Make erstwhile Creating Retargeting Ads

No Custom Ads oregon Landing Pages

If 1 lawsuit browses your tract for shoes, and different for shorts, it tin beryllium a mistake to nonstop the aforesaid advertisement to both.

Create ads that lucifer the user’s hunt intent. While idiosyncratic MIGHT beryllium funny successful shorts, if they were primitively looking astatine shoes, the chances of a conversion are lower, and truthful excessively would beryllium the ROI.

Pay peculiar attraction to wherever you sending radical who click connected the ad. If you bash person customized ads depending connected the web leafage visited, marque definite you nonstop that idiosyncratic to a landing leafage that besides matches the ad. 

Do not marque your landing leafage your website’s location page. Make a landing leafage that welcomes them and encourages them to spend. 

Creating a antithetic landing leafage for each retargeted advertisement tin summation conversions.

Ad 1:


Ad 1 Landing Page:


In the examples above, you tin spot a retargeting advertisement for Semrush and its related landing page. Once we clicked connected the banner ad, we spot the landing leafage with a wide telephone to enactment to commencement the escaped trial.

These ads usage achromatic abstraction and a splash of colour to invitation america to “learn more,” not walk money.

Ad 2:


Ad 2 Landing Page:


Here, we tin spot the results of hunt web retargeting. The advertisement shows up connected a SERP aft the idiosyncratic does immoderate selling probe connected the website. Once we click through, we spot a nice, cleanable landing leafage with a elemental telephone to action.

Bidding Frequency

If you’re bidding connected keywords for your campaign, not bidding capable tin person a antagonistic interaction connected your retargeting campaign.

The benignant of merchandise oregon work tin power however agelong a imaginable lawsuit is interested. Searching for covering tin beryllium a overmuch shorter run than searching to bargain a house. Hence, the clip you allocate to a run volition vary. 

Not Targeting the Right Audience

You request to beryllium definite that you’re sending retargeting ads to the close audience.

For example, you don’t privation a pixel connected your homepage triggering a retargeting campaign. You don’t cognize what the user’s funny successful yet. 

Once a idiosyncratic has shown involvement successful a peculiar merchandise oregon service, past you person an thought of your people audience. This is erstwhile the retargeting selling begins.

Not Rotating Your Ads

Seeing the aforesaid advertisement repeatedly tends to lessen its impact. It tin assistance to make alternate ads for the aforesaid offer, past rhythm done the options. 

You mightiness get a wound from idiosyncratic wanting thing else, oregon a amended offer. Variety besides keeps radical funny and alert of your brand.

Running a palmy retargeting run relies connected you knowing your people audience. You tin usage tools similar the Social Media Tracker and Traffic Analytics to amended way the benignant of contented that drives visitors to your (or your competitors’) websites.


The Social Media Tracker offers an overview of immoderate company’s societal media engagement, including your own. Each institution illustration reveals the numbers for their Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Select immoderate of the societal channels successful the tabs supra for a much elaborate presumption of its metrics, including engagement types, follower activity, and mentions:


Traffic Analytics

Use this instrumentality to way a competitor’s online show disconnected societal media. You’ll person a clearer thought of however they gain their traffic, which sites they gain postulation from, and the apical pages visited:


You tin usage this info to find fashionable landing pages for your competitors, which tin assistance you physique your ain ads. If you enactment successful a akin niche, wage peculiar attraction to the postulation travel illustration to find retired wherever users spell erstwhile they exit your competitor’s websites:


Market Explorer

Before gathering your campaign, you tin usage the Market Explorer instrumentality to find your marketplace stock wrong your industry. Learn which 1 of your competitors’ is earning the bulk of marketplace share, immoderate large manufacture demographics, and more:

Retargeting Marketing for Your Business

Retargeting selling is simply a almighty mode to link with imaginable customers that already amusement an involvement successful your marque and its offers. While it whitethorn instrumentality immoderate mounting up ads and landing erstwhile you commencement these campaigns disconnected they statesman gathering views and clicks.

Once you’ve reviewed immoderate run data, hole what didn't work, boost what did, and get backmost into retargeting selling for bigger and amended wins.