How to Start an Instagram Blog from Scratch

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Instagram is 1 of the astir fashionable Micro-blogging platforms with a whopping 500 cardinal regular users worldwide. Imagine creating a assemblage of adjacent 1% of that fig and converting your followers into customers.

To get a ample pursuing connected Instagram requires a dedicated strategy and consistency to ace the game. In this article, we’re going to instrumentality you done an 8-step usher that volition nonstop you connected however to commencement an Instagram blog from scratch. Let’s leap in!

Plan of action

  1. Create an Instagram Creator profile
  2. Choose your niche wisely
  3. Work connected the operation of your profile
  4. Create an editorial calendar for your blog
  5. Draft an effectual hashtag strategy
  6. Start creating your blog posts with prime content
  7. Set an analytics strategy successful place
  8. Explore ways to monetize your blog further

A step-by-step usher to commencement a profitable Instagram blog

If you had talked astir earning wealth by creating contented online 10 years back, determination would beryllium galore contemplations. But today, determination are ’n’ fig of ways you tin gain wealth done blogging. 

Let’s spot however you tin make an Instagram blog from scratch to commencement earning wealth from the archetypal period itself.

  1. Create an Instagram Creator profile

You tin make a illustration connected Instagram for free. However, determination are 3 types of accounts that Instagram offers currently: 

Personal profiles:

These are suitable for radical who privation to support their accounts backstage and let lone a fewer radical to enactment connected with them.

Image source

Business profiles

These are suitable for businesses who privation to make a leafage for their brand.

Image source

Creator profiles

Instagram created these profiles chiefly for influencers, bloggers, and contented creators due to the fact that of the added benefits it offers.

Image source

Benefits of a creator profile 

Image source

As a blogger, having a creator illustration would beryllium beneficial for these reasons:

Detailed maturation data

The creator illustration has elaborate analytics to cheque assemblage demographics, champion posting time, follower count, engagement rate, etc.

Image source

Sponsored posts

You tin boost your posts done ads conscionable similar Facebook and scope a wider audience. This is particularly erstwhile you motion a woody for Influencer marketing.

Image source

Off-platform links

Direct your assemblage to an off-Instagram nexus successful the stories (available to profiles with implicit 10,000 followers) oregon a nexus successful bio. This helps seizure imaginable leads and person your followers. 

Image source

Streamlined messaging

Filter your nonstop connection container into general, primary, and requests to reply to your assemblage accordingly.

Image source


With the creator profile, you person exclusive entree to Instagram Creator Studio. You tin entree this connected your desktop to cheque analytics and docket your posts successful advance.

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How to acceptable up a creator account?

If you already person a idiosyncratic oregon concern account, it’s casual to displacement to a creator relationship with a fewer elemental steps:

  1. Open your Instagram relationship and click connected the 3 lines connected the apical close corner.
  1. Click connected ‘Settings’ and past connected ‘Account’ successful the menu.
  1. On the bottom, click connected the enactment which says, ‘Switch to creator account,’ and property ‘continue.’
  1. You’ll spot a database of categories from creator to video creator. Choose the due 1 for you.
  1. Next, you’ll spot a pop-up confirming the switch, and you’re done!

If you’re readying to make a caller illustration for blogging, you tin travel the modular method of signing up connected the platform.

And voila, you’re acceptable to statesman your blogging travel connected Instagram.

  1. Choose your niche wisely

Choosing a blogging niche is important due to the fact that radical volition lone travel you if they cognize what benignant of worth oregon contented they tin expect. If you’re an adept and make niche-specific contented successful 1 area, you’re apt to pull imaginable customers and physique authorization successful that niche.

For example, present is simply a blog connected parenting.

Image source

Suppose you statesman blogging astir random topics without deciding connected a niche. In that case, you could extremity up confusing your audience. Imagine visiting a leafage that talks astir food, lifestyle, and travel. Would you travel that leafage for question oregon a question blogger which solely talks astir everything travel-related from destinations to hotels?

Now, to determine a niche for your Instagram blog, inquire yourself these questions:

  • What bash you privation to beryllium known for?
  • What benignant of radical bash you privation to pull oregon physique a assemblage with?
  • What volition you beryllium capable to make contented astir consistently?
  • What is thing you’re keen connected taking guardant arsenic a career?

These questions volition assistance you constrictive down a mates of things to take from and instrumentality guardant arsenic your niche. It tin beryllium arsenic wide arsenic ‘fitness’ oregon arsenic constrictive arsenic ‘fitness for moms.’ The much circumstantial you are, the greater you volition found your authorization and person your audience.

While it’s important to see your audience, instrumentality into relationship your interests and the earning imaginable of that niche arsenic well.


Profitable Instagram niches successful 2021

While you should take a niche that interests you and tin assistance you make a lucrative Instagram blog, look astatine these 10 profitable niches for 2021:

  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Travel
  • Lifestyle
  • Health and Fitness
  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Parenting
  • Food
  • Music
  • Photography

You tin ever commencement with a wide niche and then, moving forward, modulation into a narrower one.

  1. Work connected the operation of your profile

Now that you person an relationship and person decided connected a profitable niche for your blog, it’s clip to spruce up your profile. Before you tin get your assemblage to devour your content, they volition look astatine your profile. 

When a idiosyncratic clicks connected the ‘follow’ button, they’re investing their clip and attraction successful anticipation that they get prime contented from you. But earlier they tin get to the content, your profile’s wide look and consciousness should involvement them.

Here are immoderate important elements of your Instagram illustration that you indispensable wage attraction to:


If you already person a blog connected different platforms, beryllium it your website oregon a societal media level similar Twitter, instrumentality to it for consistency. However, if you’re deciding connected a caller 1 for your Instagram blog, past wage attraction to it. It tin beryllium related to your name, but for SEO purposes and enhanced visibility, see including your niche keyword.

For example,Neha is an Instagram coach, but her username says due to the fact that she helps coaches with their societal media problems.

Having a niche-specific username is catchy and allows radical to subordinate to what you do.

Profile picture

Your illustration representation is the archetypal happening users spot erstwhile they sojourn your profile. It should bespeak your marque colors oregon amusement you doing thing related to your niche.

If you person a nutrient blog, amusement yourself making food. If you person a question blog, amusement an aesthetic question picture. It sets the code for your full profile, truthful don’t place its importance.


This is possibly the astir important facet of your illustration due to the fact that it tells the assemblage astir you. It’s your archetypal accidental to impressment them and permission them wanting much to scroll and devour your content. There’s a bounds of 150 characters, truthful you indispensable beryllium concise and straightforward with what you write.

Talk astir who you are, what you do, and for whom you bash it. You tin besides archer your assemblage astir the benignant of contented they tin expect from you. The past enactment of your bio should ever beryllium a Call-To-Action (CTA) with a nexus to publication a call, your website, oregon a span landing leafage with aggregate nexus options. 

Remember, you privation your assemblage to convert. Don’t clasp backmost connected creating an awesome illustration that compels them to click connected the ‘follow’ fastener and yet person into customers.  

  1. Create an editorial calendar for your blog

Instagram is simply a level that requires consistency. You’ll person to program your contented with probe to make targeted contented for your audience. This besides includes preparing an editorial calendar to enactment things connected auto-pilot and guarantee you’re posting contented regularly without fail.

Image source

You tin usage content calendar tools to make a program for your Instagram content. These tools assistance streamline the process and collaborate if you person a team.

When you’re creating your editorial calendar, see each Instagram features and administer your contented strategy evenly amongst them. These should include:

Feed posts

Feed posts are the regular 1:1 magnitude posts. These tin beryllium static images, carousel posts upto 10 slides, and videos of upto 1-minute successful azygous oregon carousel format. 

Image source

Ideally, you should station implicit 2 provender posts each week successful varying formats consistently.


These are snackable 15-second videos that enactment connected your illustration lone for 24 hours unless you adhd them to a circumstantial item connected your profile. It’s a large mode to interact with your audience, inquire them questions, oregon amusement immoderate behind-the-scenes stuff.

Image source

Ideally, you should station implicit 4 Instagram stories each time to maximize scope and enactment connected apical of your audience’s caput astatine each times.

  • Reels

This caller diagnostic connected Instagram has resulted successful a monolithic scope for influencers and bloggers. These are bite-sized videos of upto 30 seconds wherever you tin adhd transitions, music, effects, and overmuch more. 

Image source

Ideally, you should station 3-4 reels a week to scope a wider assemblage than your followers.


Just due to the fact that short-form contented is trending, it doesn’t mean that long-form contented doesn’t work. IGTV allows you to make agelong videos of upto 10 minutes, to prosecute your assemblage into immoderate in-depth content. A 15-second preview is posted connected your profile, aft which the idiosyncratic gets an enactment to ticker the video further. 

Image source

You tin make vlogs and long-form niche-related contented present to springiness your assemblage a wider insight.

Ideally, you should station 1 IGTV video per week.

Instagram live

It’s 1 happening to station contented and prosecute with your audience, but it’s different to chat with them successful real-time. Instagram Live is simply a cleanable mode to talk to your audience, get them connected camera, reply their questions, oregon adjacent collaborate with different blogger.

Image source

You tin adhd up to 3 radical successful the live, frankincense allowing an speech of audiences arsenic well. It’s a large mode to support your assemblage engaged and amusement up connected camera to physique trust.

Ideally, you should bash astatine slightest 1 unrecorded league per week.


Guides are a caller diagnostic launched by Instagram, but which provides monolithic worth to the audience. You tin nine your posts, videos, and IGTVs connected communal topics unneurotic for your assemblage to look astatine it.

Image source

An Instagram editorial calendar should let you to program contented buckets that tin leverage each of these features consistently.

How to find contented ideas?

  • Competitor research
  • Search for applicable hashtags and observe the benignant of posts others are creating
  • Survey your assemblage and inquire them the benignant of contented they similar to see
  • Imagine yourself arsenic the audience, and analyse what benignant of contented you would privation to consume
  • Type successful niche-specific keywords connected Quora, Reddit, and Answer the nationalist to find much ideas

Pay cautious and capable attraction to contented planning. No substance however good-looking your illustration maybe, if you don’t probe and program content, it won’t marque a difference. In your contented calendar, you tin besides see a organisation and promotion strategy to leverage antithetic methods of sharing to boost your content’s reach. This is perhaps, 1 of the astir important aspects of getting started connected Instagram

  1. Draft an effectual hashtag strategy

Before you commencement creating and posting content, you request to draught an effectual hashtag strategy. There is simply a 30 hashtags bounds connected Instagram. You tin see them either successful your caption oregon successful the comments if you privation to support your station clean.

They assistance you get discovered and boost visibility connected Instagram to scope an assemblage wider than your followers. But it’s not that easy. There’s a batch of contention connected Instagram, truthful you can’t conscionable propulsion successful immoderate hashtags and expect to fertile connected them.

Image source

Here are immoderate champion practices to find the close hashtags for your profile:

  • Create 3 sets of hashtags, each with 20-30 of them. These should beryllium a premix of tiny hashtags (less than 50k posts), mean hashtags (50k-500k posts), and ample hashtags (500k to 2M posts). Use them alternatively and spot what works champion for you.
  • To take your hashtags, hover implicit to your competitor’s illustration and observe the hashtags they use.
  • As a wide regularisation of thumb, see hashtags applicable to your post’s context, location, niche, and contented buckets.
  • Use a fewer generic yet applicable trending hashtags successful betwixt the niche-specific ones and avoid banned hashtags
  • You tin besides effort utilizing hashtag tools similar Hashtagify to conception your hashtags.
  • Experiment with your hashtags and usage the station analytics to spot however they’re performing.

Hashtags are an indispensable portion of Instagram and tin incredibly summation your scope and spot you connected the research page. It tin get much eyes to your contented and a greater engagement and follower count- each organically. 

Another mode to grow your scope is utilizing geotags circumstantial to the determination you’re targeting. It tin assistance you people an assemblage peculiar to a location.

Image source

  1. Start creating your blog posts with prime content

Now that you person your foundations successful place, you tin kickstart the main constituent of blogging- contented creation. Let’s not hide that Instagram is simply a competitory place, and galore radical are already creating contented connected akin topics; however, that shouldn’t halt you. To enactment your mode astir this, purpose astatine creating prime content.

The much worth you supply done your content, the much your assemblage volition prosecute with it.

Here are immoderate indispensable aspects of contented instauration that you should wage attraction to:

Content- captions, representation copies, and video scripts

Image copies will beryllium utilized erstwhile you’re creating acquisition carousel posts. They should beryllium direct, with a batch of achromatic spaces. Addressing 1 constituent astatine a clip should beryllium the motive to guarantee the assemblage tin comprehend it entirely. These posts execute good if you tin constitute abbreviated sentences and pass your connection successful less words.

Here’s an illustration of representation transcript connected a carousel station meant for Instagram.

Image source

Video scripts will beryllium utilized erstwhile you make videos, beryllium it for IGTV oregon reels. It needs to person a hook to support the assemblage engaged. Again, you privation your video to acceptable into the duration limit, truthful support it crisp and brief. If you’re creating an IGTV. oregon a agelong video, you tin see immoderate euphony to support them from getting bored. Try to see an breathtaking statistic to marque it much attractive.

Image source

Captions are 1 of the indispensable aspects of Instagram. It should complement the representation oregon video and adhd much discourse to it. Highlight your storytelling skills present to let your assemblage to link with your captions more. Make it enjoyable with a fewer emoticons oregon slug points if you person a longer caption. 

Image source

As a wide regularisation of thumb, see a CTA successful your caption. This tin beryllium a question that motivates the assemblage to permission a remark oregon a absorption to presumption the nexus successful your bio. It should beryllium compelling capable to marque them privation to instrumentality action. 

Graphics and Images

Instagram is simply a visual-heavy platform, and truthful your graphics and images cannot beryllium average. They’re an indispensable portion of contented instauration due to the fact that if you can’t hook your assemblage with your visuals oregon photos, past you’ve failed to container their attention.

If you’re creating carousel posts oregon thumbnails for your videos, you would privation to make graphics. You tin either prosecute a graphic decorator for this oregon bash it yourself with easy-to-use plan tools similar Canva oregon Visme. Here, you’ll get casual templates arsenic per the different format sizes wherever you tin capable successful your content, adhd a fewer elements, and marque it arsenic per your colors and fonts.

Image source

If you person a fashion, travel, oregon nutrient blog, determination would beryllium much images than graphics. For this, guarantee you’re clicking high-quality pictures and shooting high-resolution videos. If your contented isn’t visually appealing, your assemblage won’t bask it, nary substance however bully the contented is written.

Image source

Graphics, images, and written contented are important for Instagram. You tin bash this yourself oregon hire freelancers to bash it truthful you tin absorption connected things of greater importance.

Once your graphics and contented are sorted, you tin commencement implementing your contented calendar and acceptable your strategy into motion.

  1. Set an analytics strategy successful place

If you don’t analyse your Instagram efforts, you won’t amended and amplify your results. The celebrated bloggers you travel connected Instagram person reached that presumption aft implementing and analyzing a moving Instagram selling strategy time aft day.

Measuring these analytics is indispensable to cheque whether your efforts output the results you expected and however you tin amended them adjacent further. This way, you tin enactment connected your strategy and execute much important results regarding followers and conversions.

Remember, the much you enactment connected your Instagram strategy, the much eyes you tin pull to your profile. This tin unlock a assortment of money-making opportunities. So don’t clasp backmost connected analysis.

Instagram has an in-built insights dashboard which you tin usage to survey the following:

  • Number of accounts reached successful the past 7 oregon 30 days
  • Number of illustration visits, website clicks, and impressions
  • Top-performing stories, posts, and IGTV videos
  • Number of enactment connected posts and stories successful the past 7 oregon 30 days
  • Daily follower count
  • Demographic information
  • Best posting clip for your profile

Image source

You tin usage these insights oregon third-party Instagram analytics tools to recognize however your contented is performing and however your assemblage interacts with it. As a blogger, you would besides privation to analyse the fig of leads oregon conversions you’ve received.

Using this, you tin tweak your strategy and marque it adjacent amended to marque your mode towards monetizing your audience.

  1. Explore ways to monetize your blog further

Once you commencement gathering your following, you’ll travel crossed respective ways to gain wealth and monetize your following. Let’s look astatine immoderate of these:

Sponsored posts done influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is connected the rise, and it’s 1 of the astir communal ways bloggers and contented creators are making wealth connected Instagram. When you physique an assemblage for a peculiar niche, you get approached by brands successful that manufacture to endorse their products and services. This happens due to the fact that these brands privation to scope their imaginable customers done you.

Image source

Being an influencer means holding an authoritative power. You tin power people, signifier their thoughts and endorse the products you use.

However, with large powerfulness comes large responsibility. As an influencer, it whitethorn get tempting to motion each marque woody that comes your way, but you request to beryllium selective. So, scope retired to brands connected Influencer selling sites, and physique your blog and motion lone definite kinds of marque deals that you privation to do,

By agreeing to a marque deal, you enactment retired stories and posts endorsing the marque oregon product. You get paid to station due to the fact that they leverage your followers and usage it to thrust conversions oregon turn their following.

Sell your products

As a blogger, you tin merchantability your products without having millions of followers. These tin beryllium integer products similar eBooks, masterclasses, exclusive communities, and courses. They tin adjacent beryllium carnal products applicable to your niche similar stationary, baked goods, etc.

Selling your products connected Instagram requires a strategical approach. You request to physique spot done your escaped contented to alteration radical to bargain from you. The nexus successful bio, swipe up diagnostic for implicit 10k follower accounts, CTAs successful captions, and your stories are for selling. Through your escaped content, you tin lukewarm up your imaginable customers and transportation them to bargain from you.

Image source

Affiliate programs

Not each marque woody pays you wealth to station connected your profile. Some of them tin beryllium connected a committee ground also. Say you beforehand a integer merchandise by a marque connected your profile. You tin get a committee connected each merchantability the marque makes done your customized affiliate link. These partnership programs are a large mode to support earning wealth by endorsing the products you’re assured your assemblage volition beryllium funny successful buying.

Image source

If you privation to monetize your blog successful aggregate ways, you tin usage a URL lister similar Linktree successful your bio to let your assemblage to take wherever they privation to navigate. 

Image source


Starting a blog connected Instagram whitethorn look casual connected the outside, but its attraction requires a batch of effort. Everyone tin make an account, but moving it successfully and utilizing it to marque wealth is simply a full antithetic shot game.

However, you tin usage this usher arsenic your roadmap to acceptable up a profitable Instagram blog that tin assistance you marque large bucks. It’s each a substance of being loyal to your followers, providing genuine value, and being consistent. The enactment lies not successful contented instauration but successful being regular with that contented creation.

So, usage this strategy and pave your mode to endless monetizing opportunities and a lucrative Instagram blog. 

Happy blogging!

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