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Any video connected YouTube tin present beryllium utilized arsenic a inheritance for a Short video with greenish screen.

YouTube Shorts Green Screen Now Compatible With All Videos

YouTube creators tin present remix immoderate video connected the level into a Short done an enlargement of the greenish surface feature.

Previously, you could utilize greenish surface to make Shorts with different abbreviated videos connected YouTube.

Now you tin instrumentality immoderate video connected YouTube and usage it successful the inheritance a abbreviated video.

With a greenish surface effect you tin overlay footage of yourself connected apical of the inheritance video.

This diagnostic is commonly utilized arsenic a mode to respond to oregon supply commentary connected different videos.

Or it tin beryllium utilized successful a comedic way. For example, you could instrumentality a celebrated clip and superimpose yourself implicit 1 of the individuals featured successful it.

There are present much options than ever to marque originative abbreviated videos with the greenish surface effect.

Green Screen + YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts Green Screen Now Compatible With All VideosExample of Green Screen successful YouTube Shorts.

Image Credit: Screenshot from, May 2022.

In an announcement, a YouTube typical states:

“Green Screen is the latest mode to remix with Shorts – gathering connected Cut that began to rotation retired past month. With Green Screen, you tin usage immoderate eligible YouTube video oregon Short arsenic the inheritance for your archetypal Short video.“

You’ll person the enactment to usage different YouTube videos with the dependable connected oregon off.

To usage Green Screen, navigate to a video you privation to usage and prime Create > Green Screen connected the paper of options underneath.

Alternatively, you tin property the 3-dot paper successful the Shorts subordinate and prime Green Screen.

The maximum magnitude you tin make with is 60 seconds.

Creators volition get afloat recognition for the archetypal video erstwhile their contented is remixed into a Short, which is simply a full caller mode for them to grow their audience.

The lone contented that can’t beryllium sampled is euphony videos and different videos with visual claims.

If you would similar not to person your contented utilized successful a Short you tin opt retired via a mounting successful YouTube Studio.

Green Screen is starting to gradually rotation retired connected the iOS YouTube app. In the coming months, it volition beryllium disposable to everyone connected iOS and Android.

Source: YouTube Help

Featured Image: Screenshot from, May 2022.

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