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It is imaginable that what works successful SEO present is not what you think. Contrary to fashionable belief, it’s not each astir keywords and keyword probe – though they surely help! Today, astir everything works differently, and we’re present to find retired why.

Craig Campbell, Glasgow’s apical SEO expert, joined maine successful this occurrence of the SEJ Show for a candid treatment astir what’s REALLY moving successful SEO astatine the moment, including a treatment astir dropped domains, domain leasing, PBNs, nexus building, YouTube, TikTok and different media outlets that Google loves!

There are a batch of domain names that are not personally branded, and you could crook them into an fantabulous wealth website successful immoderate way. Whether it beryllium affiliate oregon ecommerce, it truly doesn’t matter. A website’s a website. –Craig Campbell, 29:24

I don’t adjacent spot radical going to the Wayback instrumentality recreating each your videos. Many radical conscionable slap up immoderate aged URL and marque caller URLs and worldly similar that. What they don’t bash is bash the basics properly. You request to reignite that. It’s tally retired of gas, essentially, the website. You request to reignite it –Craig Campbell, 31:23

If you ever consciousness similar you person imposter syndrome and don’t cognize thing astir SEO, spell to a country wherever nary 1 knows thing astir SEO. They’ll each inquire you questions due to the fact that you volition beryllium validated immediately. –Loren Baker, 12:38

[00:00] – A small astir Craig & his YouTube channel.
[04:28] – What is Craig’s halfway focus?
[05:55] – How galore sites did Craig motorboat earlier uncovering 2 profitable ones?
[13:22] – How does it consciousness to beryllium the lone SEO successful the room?
[17:03] – What are expired domains?
[30:59] – What NOT to bash erstwhile buying dropped domains.
[37:18] – The champion mode to attack expired domains.
[50:39] – Is Craig noticing thing successful the mediate of this contented update?
[55:38] – How important are Domain Authority ratings and different metrics successful inbound links?
[58:04] – Does Craig ever look astatine Majestic?

Resources mentioned:

Craig Campbell SEO – https://www.craigcampbellseo.com/
Odys Global – Premium Aged Domains & Websites for Sale – https://odys.global/

Typically, what I would bash with immoderate website that I bought is I would repurpose it. I mightiness not support the nonstop template and look of pictures, but what I would beryllium doing is recreating, going done immoderate URLs that had links pointing to them, I would beryllium recreating those URLs. I would enactment the contented backmost up from the Wayback instrumentality and support the website arsenic adjacent to what it was initially conscionable to commencement to fertile again for immoderate of the presumption it did have. Then nexus equity starts to footwear backmost in. –Craig Campbell, 22:00

I’m not conscionable looking astatine the domain name. I’m looking astatine the fig of outbound links. I’m looking astatine the fig of keywords that fertile connected that website. I’m looking astatine the referring domains. I’m looking astatine a clump of different prime checks, and I deliberation that portion is what these guys are missing. –Craig Campbell, 32:38

Take the clip to put successful an idea. It tin beryllium local, global, a $500 product, oregon adjacent a $20 product, and conscionable bash it close and get it retired there. Who knows, you mightiness get addicted, and you might, if you’re similar Mr. Craig Campbell here, beryllium capable to flip it for 50x. Its monthly income is fantastic. –Loren Baker, 1:01:19

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