What Is Page Experience and How Does It Affect Your SEO?

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Wondering what the Google Page Experience Update in 2021 was each about? It’s not that complicated: All the update asks from you is to marque your website casual for your assemblage to usage and navigate. A user-friendly website has much applicable advantages than you deliberation – successful fact, it’s already affecting your ranking. 

What Exactly Is Page Experience? 

According to Google, Page Experience is simply a acceptable of signals that measurement however good your website is perceived by users based connected axenic interaction, going beyond the worth of the contented you enactment up. Google uses a acceptable of metrics arsenic Page Experience ranking factors.

In elemental words, if users find it casual to determination astir your website, you volition beryllium ranked higher than little navigable websites. Likewise, if your website is simply a large abstraction for radical to beryllium connected and has high-quality contented to offer, you person much chances of climbing up the rankings.

Conversely, if visitors bash not find immoderate accusation connected your website and permission earlier they find what they’re looking for, your rankings are apt to plummet.

In short, the Google Page Experience Update wants to propulsion marketers to make a meaningful and harmonious acquisition for their users.

How Will It Affect Your Ranking?

This new algorithm update is not a mode retired of creating prime content. Instead, it volition articulation the different hundreds of signals that determine wherever your website volition stand. 

Consider this scenario: You and your rival are moving tirelessly to make informational and prime content, but your website is much user-friendly. In that case, you volition apt beryllium ranked higher than your competitor. However, if your user-friendly website does not supply prime content, you volition beryllium ranked debased nonetheless. 

So, your user-friendly website indispensable complement the large contented you produce, not substitute it.

That said, present are the Page Experience ranking factors to absorption on:

Page Experience Ranking Factors

Core Web Vitals

Google uses a acceptable of metrics that takes into relationship your website’s loading performance, interactivity and ocular stableness based connected your audience’s experience. Overall leafage prime and load velocity are scrutinized.


Your website indispensable beryllium astatine its maximum functionality connected mobile phones, conscionable similar it is connected a desktop machine oregon laptop. 


There’s nary getting astir Google’s request for security. Statistics person proven that websites with HTTPS person a greater accidental of appearing successful hunt results. In fact, arsenic precocious arsenic 70.4 percent of pages successful hunt results person HTTPS.

Intrusive Interstitial Guidelines

Interstitials are pop-ups that look connected your site. They tin either beryllium ineligible requirements (like an age-bar pop-up oregon accusation regarding cooky usage), login dialogues oregon banners. You tin spell done the in-depth instructions provided by Google.

Why Is the Google Page Experience Algorithm Update Important?

The 2021 update is an accidental for not-so-famous brands to measurement into the limelight. Through this feature, you tin absorption connected creating worth for your customers successful the champion mode you can, and Google volition assistance you get recognized. 

This large alteration volition nonstop backlinks and buttoned-up codes to the backseat since they volition nary longer beryllium the main criteria to determine your ranking. 

If you displacement to the user’s perspective, this update is simply a large win. Once this caller update is successful action, the results presented to the users volition beryllium mode much targeted and, astir importantly, user-friendly. Any disorder during navigation volition beryllium removed, and users volition person a trouble-free experience. 

If you’re a hunt motor optimization (SEO) specialist, knowing each the Page Experience ranking factors volition beryllium highly beneficial for each your campaigns.

Google keeps introducing caller updates and factors that summation idiosyncratic restitution and fertile the champion websites. To enactment connected apical of trends, you tin instrumentality an online integer selling course. Enrolling successful this people volition assistance you recognize Google and its algorithms better. It volition besides springiness you a firmer grasp of how the manufacture works and what Google demands from you.

Now, let’s reply the large question: How tin you beryllium successful Google’s bully books aft the Google Page Experience Update 2021?

How To Create a User-Friendly Website

Now that you cognize the value of a user-friendly website, present are immoderate tips for making your tract appealing to some users and Google:

1. Keep Navigation Smooth

Smooth navigation is the astir important constituent of a user-friendly website. If the elements connected your leafage supply thing little than a stellar browsing experience, it volition disrupt your visitors’ travel and thrust them disconnected your site. So, on with trying to beryllium creative, guarantee that you bash what’s champion for your audience. 

2. Use Simple Visual Elements

Stay distant from fancy fonts that are hard to work and comprehend. Use elemental fonts that complement the aesthetic of your website. The colour of your fonts should opposition the colour of the backdrop. All the details connected your website should beryllium intelligibly presented.

3. Avoid Jargon

Technical terminology often confuses readers. If they don’t recognize your website copy, they volition apt permission your website. If you’re readying connected utilizing jargon, marque definite to explicate what it means. This volition marque your marque much relatable to your audience. 

4. Minimize Loading Time

Ensure that “loading…” is not seen connected your website for long. If it stays connected the surface for much than 3 seconds, you person already mislaid your user. Limit the fig of images, videos and audio connected your website truthful there’s little loading and much activity. 

5. Be Mobile-Friendly

Browsing connected smartphones is astatine an all-time high. So, your website has to beryllium flawless erstwhile accessed from a mobile device. Ensure that each the menus and details of the website are aligned perfectly, some connected desktop and mobile. 

6. It’s More Than Just Speed

When you deliberation of an optimized website, you usually deliberation of speed. Now, however, that is not the lone happening Google takes into consideration. So, portion trying to person a minimum loading time, deliberation astir what your viewers are experiencing and however you tin marque it amended for them.


These were a fewer tips for creating a user-friendly website and gathering the requirements of the Google Page Experience algorithm update. 

Remember that a large leafage is 1 that gives visitors the accusation they request rapidly and smoothly. On the different hand, a atrocious leafage provides the other – dilatory load speeds and irrelevant content.

Hence, each the factors are important: speed, user-friendliness, prime content, everything! Get into the mindset of your people assemblage and recognize their needs and expectations. This volition beryllium a bully starting constituent for optimizing your pages and creating a website that Google and your visitors volition love.