What Is Alt Text & Why It Matters for SEO

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What Is Alt Text?

Alt substance (short for alternate text) is substance included successful HTML codification to picture an representation connected a webpage.

It provides discourse for hunt motor crawlers arsenic good arsenic for those viewing a leafage with a surface reader.

Alt substance is besides commonly referred to arsenic “alt attributes” and “alt tags.”

Here’s what it looks like:

alt substance   illustration  for an representation  of a rabbit eating nutrient  and greensImage source

And here’s an alt substance illustration successful HTML:

<img src="hanging-planter.jpg" alt="Disco ball hanging planter with vines hanging off the side">

Why Is Alt Text Important for Image SEO?

Google Image searches relationship for 22.6% of each searches.

This makes images a almighty mode to get much SEO traffic.

And Google reads alt text to assistance recognize what images are about. Without alt text, your images are overmuch little apt to fertile connected Google Images. 

Google besides often displays images astatine the apical of regular Google hunt results, earlier webpages. For example, if we hunt for “content organisation chart” we spot images displayed arsenic the apical results:

image results for contented  organisation  chart

So optimizing your representation alt substance tin pb to much postulation from some Google and Google Images.

In this article, we’ll screen precisely however to bash that. Including examples, champion practices, and however to find and hole missing alt text.

Alt Text Examples

To constitute the astir effectual alt text, beryllium descriptive and usage a earthy tone of voice. Think astir however you’d picture an representation to idiosyncratic successful a conversation. Don’t effort to worldly it afloat of keywords (which sounds robotic).

Let’s spell implicit a fewer images with okay, better, and champion alt substance examples.

We’ll commencement with this representation of a charcuterie board:

Round charcuterie committee  with meats, cheese, crackers, and different   colorful snacks

Bad alt substance example: alt="Ideas for meal parties"

Okay alt substance example: alt="Charcuterie board"

Better alt substance example: alt="Charcuterie committee with meats and cheese"

Best alt substance example: alt="Round charcuterie committee with meats, cheese, crackers, and different colorful snacks”

The “bad” illustration present is targeting a circumstantial keyword (“ideas for meal parties”) without really telling america what’s successful the image. While the “okay” and “better” examples bash a amended job, our “best” illustration provides the astir item and discourse for the picture.

Next, let’s spell implicit this representation taken astatine Central Park:

Bridge astatine  Central Park surrounded by trees and foliage

Bad alt substance example: alt="Bridge flowers trees greenery park"

Okay alt substance example: alt="Central Park"

Better alt substance example: alt="Bridge astatine Central Park”

Best alt substance example: alt="Bridge astatine Central Park surrounded by trees and foliage”

The “bad” illustration is simply a database of words alternatively than a description. The “best” illustration includes accusation astir the circumstantial determination arsenic good arsenic what’s shown successful the picture.

Lastly, here’s an representation from the 2008 Beijing Olympics:

Track and tract  lawsuit   astatine  the 2008 Beijing Olympics

Bad alt substance example: alt="Sporting lawsuit way tract olympics golden medal"

Okay alt substance example: alt="Track and field"

Better alt substance example: alt="Track and tract event”

Best alt substance example: alt="Track and tract lawsuit astatine the 2008 Beijing Olympics”

Similarly, our “bad” illustration present feels unnatural and doesn’t truly archer america what’s going connected successful the picture.

Notice that each of our “best” examples are the astir descriptive without being spammy. And erstwhile there’s a wide sanction oregon lawsuit related to the representation (like Central Park oregon Beijing Olympics), that’s included arsenic well.

Alt Text Best Practices

Let’s spell implicit immoderate crushed rules to travel erstwhile penning alt text. 

We’ve already covered that bully alt substance is descriptive without being spammy, but present are a fewer much important notes:

Keep Alt Text 125 Characters oregon Less

Screen readers and different assistive technologies usually stop speechmaking alt text astatine the 125 quality mark.

It’s champion to headdress your alt substance astatine this fig truthful it doesn’t get chopped off.

Include One Main Keyword for Context

This whitethorn look counterintuitive to our erstwhile advice. However, it’s a bully thought to see a main keyword successful your alt substance if it provides discourse for the leafage the representation is on. 

The constituent of alt substance is to supply further accusation and context, and the people keyword often does conscionable that.

To marque it much natural, you besides tin usage variations of your main keyword.

Let’s accidental we’re penning alt substance for this representation from our blog station connected building backlinks:

examples of what makes a bully  link

This blog station targets the keyword “link building,” but it would consciousness a spot forced to adhd that successful present due to the fact that the representation is astir a much circumstantial topic.

So a bully strategy present could be: alt="examples of what makes a bully link"

This mode we see the partial keyword “link,” but it’s inactive applicable to some the representation and the webpage.

Don’t Include Alt Text for Decorative Images

While the extremity of alt substance is to supply arsenic overmuch discourse for images arsenic possible, determination are immoderate images that don’t truly request further explanation.

There’s nary request to see alt substance for decorative images similar icons, horizontal enactment leafage breaks, a magnifying solid icon successful a hunt bar, etc.

Those utilizing surface readers don’t request to cognize what these images look similar to recognize the page, and Google doesn’t request further accusation oregon further discourse successful bid to fertile the webpage.

Here’s an illustration of a decorative illustration that wouldn’t request alt text:

Example of representation  that doesn't request   alt text

Don’t Include “Image of” oregon “Picture of” successful Alt Text

As mentioned, you lone person 125 characters to picture your image. Including filler substance similar “picture of” oregon “image of” volition lone discarded that space, since it’s already implied to some users and Google that these are images.

Here’s a illustration of what not to bash vs. what to bash for an representation of a floor lamp:

Mid-century modern   level  lamp successful  a furnished surviving  room

❌ alt=”Image of mid-century modern level lamp”

✅ alt=”Mid-century modern level lamp successful a furnished surviving room”

The 2nd enactment is much to-the-point and adds cardinal further accusation and context.

Don’t Cover What’s Already successful the Caption

There’s nary crushed to see redundant accusation successful your alt text. If a photograph already has a caption, alternatively of repeating it successful the alt text, supply much discourse astir the photograph instead.

Here’s an illustration of an representation with a caption for Strand Bookstore successful New York:

Exterior of Strand Bookstore with reddish  awnings and radical   browsing outdoor bookshelvesThis celebrated New York bookseller has 2 locations: 1 successful Union Square and the different successful the Upper West Side. This photograph is of the Union Square location.

❌ alt=”Union Square determination of Strand Bookstore”

✅ alt=”Exterior of Strand Bookstore with reddish awnings and radical browsing outdoor bookshelves”

The 2nd alt substance is much accessible—instead of repeating the caption, it describes what’s really happening successful the picture.

Find & Fix Missing Alt Text

To cheque if there’s missing alt substance connected your site, usage our Site Audit tool.

Start by clicking the “Add caller project” fastener successful the upper-right.

create Site Audit project

Then adhd the domain and sanction of your website, and click “Create project.”

Add caller   Site Audit project

Follow the instructions to decorativeness mounting up your Site Audit, past springiness it a accidental to run.

When your audit study is ready, click connected it. Then click connected the “Issues” tab:

Site Audit issues tab

You’ll beryllium directed to a database of Errors, Warnings, and Notices. Narrow your hunt results by looking for “alt attributes.” This volition amusement you however galore images are missing alt text:

Missing alt attribute

Click the nexus (“57 images” above) to spot precisely which images are causing the contented truthful you tin log successful to your tract and hole them.

Missing alt substance   list

Your adjacent measurement is to log into your CMS and adhd alt substance to immoderate images listed here.

Once you adhd the missing alt substance to your site, you tin re-run your Site Audit truthful it tin bespeak the changes.