The Best seoClarity Product Innovations in 2022 (So Far!)

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Our clients play a cardinal relation successful the improvement of the seoClarity platform. After all, they person a nonstop power connected our feature roadmap.

When our improvement squad releases caller features each 2 weeks, they’re moving to marque the level much agile for endeavor SEOs similar yourself.    

The seoClarity level is built to lick existent SEO challenges!

So, let’s dive into the database and spot what’s caller successful 2022.

What’s New to seoClarity

SEO Automation

#1. No-Code Solution to Fix SEO Issues Quickly

SEO automation continues to evolve. While it was erstwhile thought of arsenic thing similar fertile tracking oregon generating insights from data, automation is present susceptible of helping you to execute your SEO strategy.

After all, the hardest portion of SEO is getting things done.

Enterprise SEOs estimation an yearly $36 cardinal successful mislaid revenue waiting connected SEO execution.

That’s wherever ClarityAutomate: Page Optimizer comes in.

Page Optimizer lets you get 10x much done successful SEO: summation your agility to present results with an execution-first SEO platform.

Now you can:

  • Fix captious issues
  • Optimize on-page elements
  • Run SEO tests
  • Control interior linking
  • … and more

All successful a fewer clicks, and each without having to trust connected the dev team.

SpareFoot was capable to accelerate their SEO projects by 6 months acknowledgment to Page Optimizer.

#2. SEO Split Tester: Run Your Own SEO Tests

SEO is simply a test-and-iterate process.

If you can't implement, test, and repeat, past getting to a palmy effect isn’t possible.

With ClarityAutomate: Split Tester, you tin flooded roadblocks successful investigating infrastructure oregon a deficiency of information idiosyncratic oregon dev resources.

Use it to tally tests to destruct the guesswork astir which SEO optimizations work.

It presents a correlation percent of your trial and power pages, and tells you if the extremity results are statistically significant.

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When you tin tally SEO tests connected your ain terms, you tin stitchery information and bring impervious of ROI to your dev team. Don’t committedness ROI, beryllium it!

#3. SEO Split Test Analysis

Running SEO tests tin beryllium hard (that is, if you’re not utilizing SEO Split Tester!) and analyzing if they were palmy tin beryllium conscionable arsenic challenging.

Split Test Analysis does each the dense lifting to analyse the results of immoderate SEO tests you tally oregon changes you make.

Whether it’s a divided trial betwixt 2 clip ranges oregon a much precocious SEO divided trial betwixt power and trial groups — Split Test Analysis tin grip them both.

You tin tally the investigation connected immoderate metric from Search oregon Site Analytics, including traffic, clicks, bounces, mean position, impressions, conversions, and more.

It analyzes your information to amusement you the effect of the trial (positive oregon negative) and if the results are statistically significant.

It's similar having your ain idiosyncratic information idiosyncratic analyse each your information and present the cardinal insights!

Site Audits

#4. Structured Schema Audits

Implementation of schema connected your tract is of tremendous worth to hunt engines and users alike. While hunt engines get other accusation astir your tract and its content, users get an enhanced acquisition connected the SERP with affluent results.

Even though determination are galore ways to cheque for schema a single page astatine a time, validating the implementation and beingness of schema astatine standard is simply a situation for astir sites, and this is what we acceptable retired to solve.

Now, you person entree to Structured Data Audits!  The audit brings you:

  • A summarized presumption of pages recovered with Structured Schema
  • The circumstantial schema benignant discovered
  • Details of the schema formats discovered, with enactment for JSON-LD, RDFa, and Microdata formats

#5. Audit Hreflang Sitemaps

If you person aggregate versions of pages connected your tract for antithetic languages oregon regions, you whitethorn person hreflang implemented connected the leafage oregon via sitemaps.

While this works to trim leafage weight, it’s lone effectual if the hreflang is decently acceptable up — and with self-referencing hreflang, things tin get messy.  

That’s wherever hreflang audits travel in! Site Audits successful the seoClarity level present supports crawling and auditing hreflang directives wrong sitemaps.

This caller capableness works successful operation with the existing on-page hreflang audit to find each the cardinal issues:

  • Return Tag Errors
  • Invalid state oregon connection codification  
  • Invalid bid of state oregon connection code
  • Hreflang Link pointing to Redirects, Broken oregon Blocked pages
  • Hreflang Link Invalid/Empty  
  • Missing default
  • And a batch much …


#6. On-Demand Geo Search Volume successful Bulk

It tin beryllium challenging to get close hunt measurement from information astatine standard to pass your keyword probe — aft all, hunt measurement helps to recognize request and prioritize imaginable targets.

Now, the Ad Hoc Rank Intelligence diagnostic has been upgraded to enactment Geo-search measurement retrieval astatine standard connected demand.

In summation to being capable to fertile check a cardinal keywords astatine a clip instantly astatine a nationalist oregon geo-specific (city, authorities oregon address) level, you tin besides retrieve hunt measurement information for up to 1 cardinal keywords astatine a clip from Google's Keyword Planner directly.

Keyword Research

#7. Search Volume via Clickstream

Marketers person relied connected Google Adwords Keyword Planner arsenic a root for hunt measurement information for implicit a decade.

Over the past 6 years, Google has been progressively decreasing the accuracy and granularity of the hunt measurement information they provide.

Google has stopped reporting hunt measurement data on a ample fig of keywords — astir noticeably for medical, wellness and related topics.

True Demand helps capable the gaps, hole the inaccuracies, and provides the granularity successful hunt measurement information that has been mislaid implicit the past galore years from Google Adwords keyword planner.

Leveraging astir 3 years of clickstream data, 28+ cardinal keywords and a blase prediction model, SEOs person a overmuch much close and implicit replacement for Adwords hunt measurement data.

#8. Research Grid Expansion: 25+ Million New Keywords Added

Competitive quality is lone arsenic applicable arsenic the freshness of your keyword information set. Without accordant updates, you tin miss retired connected discovering opportunities.

Having the astir up-to-date keyword probe information acceptable is indispensable to discovering the close opportunities and keeping an oculus connected the competition.

This latest update reflects the newest trends successful search, updates to searcher behavior, caller products and work introductions, and more!

Research Grid present tracks 355+ cardinal keywords crossed desktop and mobile, successful 100+ countries.

All keywords are fertile checked each month, truthful you tin support a accordant oculus connected the contention and excavation into their strengths and weaknesses.

Bonus: We besides adhd 1 cardinal caller keywords to our Topic Explorer information acceptable each month, present astatine 30+ cardinal keywords! With caller data, you tin inclination retired 24 months’ worthy of hunt measurement to spot however request changes implicit time.

#9. Research Grid Hub: Centralized Keyword Research

The each caller Research Grid Hub provides a one-glance presumption of each the data, analysis, and reports disposable for your people keyword oregon domain. That’s crossed 30+ cardinal keywords and 50+ cardinal domains.

Simply benignant successful a keyword oregon domain sanction and instantly get a high-level overview of cardinal metrics, competitors, related keywords, rankings, Answer Box opportunities, and more.

Then, “choose your ain adventure” and drill into circumstantial reports for greater detail.

SEO Segmentation

#10. Hierarchy Roll-Up for Subcategories

Some sites person heavy and analyzable tract hierarchies, particularly ecommerce sites. This tin marque it hard to study connected 1 class leafage arsenic opposed to its galore subcategories, for example.

Using a hierarchical operation lets you alteration however you manage, report, and summation insights from your keyword groupings.

Go from a level tag enactment to a hierarchy that enables:

  • Easy roll-up of your show crossed keywords
  • Better aligns reports with your site's ain hierarchy
  • In-depth show analysis
  • Quick recognition of what whitethorn beryllium dragging your show down

#11. Dynamic Keyword oregon Page Groups

Keyword and leafage groupings are incredibly adjuvant successful segmenting information and providing insightful reporting.

Unfortunately, it tin beryllium rather cumbersome to make these groups successful the archetypal place, and adjacent harder to support them updated — particularly if you person a ample tract oregon a batch of managed keywords.

This is wherever seoClarity's Advanced Dynamic Grouping comes in: you tin present leverage blase rules, crawl data, 3rd enactment information sources, lookup files, and much to automate the instauration and attraction of hyper-focused tags within your account.

Custom Alerts

#12. SERP Feature Alerts

SEOs cognize that the hunt scenery is perpetually changing — with much than 1,200 identified SERP features, the results pages tin get crowded.

SERP Feature Alerts archer you however prevalent hunt features are and wherever they appear. It's a mode to alert you to the monolithic changes that hap successful the SERPs, each astatine scale.

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This is simply a large mode to recognize your ain show levels.

For example, determination whitethorn beryllium a SERP diagnostic pushing your integrated listing down the page, truthful adjacent a precocious integrated fertile presumption whitethorn effect successful a tiny magnitude of traffic. These alerts assistance you travel to that conclusion.


#13. Asana Integration

You whitethorn enactment with systems similar Asana for your task management.

seoClarity clients present person the enactment to integrate with Asana. This simplifies your task absorption by leveraging your existing task system, each to trim workflow change.

This integration joins different built-in task absorption systems similar JIRA.

#14. Create Custom Reports with Google Sheets Integration

If you enactment successful Google Sheets for reporting oregon modification, you tin present get your information from the seoClarity level and download it straight into Google Sheets! Our caller Google Sheets add-on allows you to get your keywords, rankings, tag and tract crawl information straight wrong Google Sheets.

Using a unique-to-you API key, you tin present populate a Google Sheet with each disposable seoClarity metric for those 3 areas, enabling you to:

  • Power your ain customized reports and charts
  • Share information much easy with different teams
  • Build your ain customized analysis
  • Mash up with different information sources
  • Archive
  • … and more!

15. Microsoft Word & Google Doc Plug-In for Content Creation

Most writers person their perfect penning conditions — and that includes wherever they constitute their content. Some similar Google Docs, portion others similar Microsoft Word.

Then it becomes a backmost and distant betwixt the content optimization tool, similar Content Fusion, to measure the contented people and presumption the contented recommendations.  

Now, you tin heighten your contented workflow by bringing Content Fusion information straight into the spot you constitute your copy. Create optimized contented straight from wrong Google Docs oregon Microsoft Word.

#16. More BI Integrations: Tableau

Now you tin bring the 3 astir fashionable seoClarity information sets into Tableau’s almighty information visualization tool.

Similar to the Google Sheets plugin, the Tableau Web Data Connector provides entree to the pursuing information sets:

  • Tag summaries
  • Keyword rankings
  • Site Health summaries

The integration brings each of the metrics and filters for each of those sets straight into Tableau. This adds to different integrations like AWS, BigQuery, and Redshift, among others.


#17. User Adoption Reports

User adoption reports springiness you a data-driven mode to further evangelize SEO and SEO bundle among your team.

Admins tin present entree reports connected idiosyncratic adoption and seoClarity usage straight from the platform. This enhances the role-based idiosyncratic permissions disposable successful the platform.

Use these reports to:

  • Track and study connected the adoption of the platform
  • Identify users who whitethorn person fallen disconnected successful usage and place grooming oregon enactment needs (we tin help!)
  • Download the elaborate login information (username, date/time stamp, IP address) for information audits


The seoClarity is perpetually evolving to lick for marketers' biggest challenges. If you're a existent client, you tin taxable your diagnostic petition straight successful the level oregon scope retired to your Client Success Manager.