Thank You, SEO Community.

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Last updated connected August 4, 2022.

The past fewer days person been truly brainsick and stressful…

I got immense enactment from practically everyone successful the SEO community, some from radical I person been pursuing and looking up to and from radical I hadn’t met before.

I made a batch of caller friends and met caller superb SEOs.

It was truly unbelievable however overmuch enactment and benignant words I got from you all. I had a infinitesimal oregon 2 erstwhile my information to proceed was precise debased oregon astir gone.

However you – the fantastic SEO assemblage – restored my information oregon adjacent made it higher than ever.

Some of you supported maine successful backstage messages oregon during video calls portion others stood up for maine publicly.

I won’t beryllium capable to sanction everyone present but I conscionable privation to accidental THANK YOU to each of you.

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I person removed immoderate antagonistic contented due to the fact that it is not my intent to support spreading antagonistic vibes. I conscionable wanted to stock my communicative due to the fact that I felt hopeless. I learned my acquisition and I volition beryllium protecting my IP.

I received an apology and I privation to determination guardant and absorption connected what’s to come. I privation to absorption connected the positives, connected creating caller videos and articles astir SEO for you, sharing much contented & videos with you, and learning much astir SEO myself.

If you privation to enactment maine oregon you bask my work, I invitation you to subscribe to my SEO newsletter, my YouTube channel, and/or follow maine connected Twitter.

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