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Podcast intros are an important prime of a successful podcast.

The close intro sets the podcast connected a way to success.

These 7 tips volition assistance your podcast physique an assemblage and clasp it:

  1. Hook the listeners fast.
  2. Make each 2nd of the podcast intro count.
  3. A bully podcast intro builds assemblage retention.
  4. Test podcast intros for assemblage retention.
  5. Three things a podcast intro indispensable communicate.
  6. Podcast intro builds loyalty.
  7. Where to get euphony for a podcast.

Let’s excavation into each 1 and spot however you tin enactment it enactment for your podcast.

1. Hook The Listeners Fast

Erin Sparks of Edge of the Web Radio podcast says that determination is simply a subtle but important worth successful the podcast intro erstwhile it comes to what helium calls, “click browsing.”

Erin suggests that the intro functions similar a hook – to drawback the listener’s attraction and instantly intrigue them.

He shares this insight:

“The audio ‘hook’ is important to podcast click browsing. Walking done a podcast app, radical volition click and perceive to 7-10 seconds to perceive if they ‘feel’ the show.

Much antithetic than immoderate different medium.”

Chris Brogan of Making the Brand podcast agrees that a podcast intro should beryllium short.

He shares these insights connected the qualities of a utile podcast intro:

“I’m a immense instrumentality of brief. Once you perceive it much than twice, it’s boring to everyone.

An intro should acceptable the intelligence signifier for what’s coming up.

Choose euphony and words that emulate the show.”

2. Make Every Second Of The Podcast Intro Count

Jorge Hermida, Program Director astatine WMR.FM and Cannabis Radio Podcasts, observes that it’s important to springiness listeners a crushed to instrumentality astir for the podcast but to bash it successful the shortest magnitude of clip possible.

He says determination is perfectly nary clip to discarded wrong your podcast intro truthful it’s ace important to virtually marque each 2nd count.

He shares:

“Podcast listeners, conscionable similar anybody else, person a abbreviated attraction span.

You person to springiness listeners a crushed to perceive to your contented wrong the archetypal 30 seconds.

Whether you make a acold opener oregon you tally down what you’re going to beryllium talking astir connected the program, you request to fulfill that listener immediately.

Create the intro arsenic if each listener has a abbreviated attraction span due to the fact that successful my nonrecreational experience, they volition either enactment and perceive to your show, oregon they’ll driblet disconnected and find different amusement to perceive to.”

3. Podcast Intro Builds Audience Retention

Azeem Ahmad of the Azeem Digital SEO podcast shares that a bully podcast intro volition assistance support assemblage retention, arsenic good arsenic promote engagement and loyalty.

This is an constituent of conversion theory, wherever adjacent seemingly trivial elements tin promote oregon discourage the enactment we are looking for.

A classical illustration is simply a PPC arbitrage marketer who maximizes the fig of income for each click.

Affiliate PPC marketers win oregon spell retired of concern accelerated depending connected however good they person each visitor.

This idiosyncratic discovered that detecting the mobile instrumentality and adding an “iPhone friendly” oregon “Android friendly” badge accrued their conversion rates by a measurable rate.

The follow-up penetration Azeem suggests is similar.

He said that a podcast intro has the aforesaid effect of encouraging a idiosyncratic to click and enactment for the podcast oregon to leave.

And for that reason, it’s important to presumption the intro arsenic a configurable plus that tin beryllium utilized to amended assemblage retention.

Azeem shares however a podcast intro is important for retention rates and engagement:

“People volition get bored with repetition, and careless of your podcast format – the thought is to prosecute the listener.

If you suffer them wrong the archetypal 30 seconds, you volition precise apt spot a driblet successful retention complaint and engaged listeners.”

4. Test Podcast Intros For Audience Retention

Azeem adjacent shares that a mode to amended retention and engagement is to experimentation with caller intros and outros.

He shares this tip:

“As a big you should alteration this up sometimes.

Customizing the intro each clip is fundamentally an enactment to trial for what works the best.

For example, you could trial asking radical to subscribe successful the intro vs. the outro for a fewer episodes and spot which drives much growth.”

5. Three Things A Podcast Intro Must Communicate

Sparks offers utile accusation astir what should beryllium communicated successful a podcast introduction.

He shares however the instauration should pass the “What’s successful it for me?” proposition to the listener.

Figuring retired the tried-and-true rule of answering the question of “What’s successful it for me?” is simply a large mode to deliberation astir however to make a podcast intro that is utile for the listener.

So, it makes consciousness to use that attack to podcast intros truthful that a listener is reminded of wherefore they are there, which could beryllium to go amended astatine what they do, to drawback up connected manufacture news, to beryllium entertained, etc.

Here is what Sparks shares:

“A bully intro provides:

  1. A committedness to the listener successful the archetypal 5 to 7 seconds (a transaction of cognition communicating what they are going to get).
  2. Sonic branding.
  3. Credibility, contextual notation to taxable substance expertise.”

6. Podcast Intro Builds Loyalty

Jim Hedger, the co-host of the fashionable Webcology SEO podcast, suggests that the podcast intro helps to physique a consciousness of familiarity and ownership of a space.

I’ve noticed that radical thin to consciousness a consciousness of ownership successful a website they enjoy, possibly due to the fact that the tract mightiness beryllium a portion of their self-identity arsenic a baker, sportsperson, oregon immoderate the taxable is.

Ever locomotion into a favourite edifice and instantly person a feeling of comfortableness oregon anticipation?

It’s a consciousness of ownership of an experience, that this acquisition is yours and it’s yours yet again.

Hedger says that a podcast intro tin person a akin effect, to bring a consciousness of comfortableness and anticipation that 1 feels successful carnal spaces that 1 feels loyal and connected to.

He observes:

“I erstwhile work that radical aren’t loyal to restaurants arsenic overmuch arsenic they are loyal to spaces they consciousness comfy being in.

The aforesaid tin beryllium said for podcasts.

Like radio, podcasts are a theatre of the mind. Your intro is the enactment that archetypal forms the abstraction you, your guests, and the assemblage volition make together.

Podcasts are incredibly intimate. I deliberation you request to consciousness emotion for your assemblage and profoundly respect the taxable and your instauration is your archetypal accidental to found that.

A host’s occupation is to assistance the assemblage make a portion successful which they and the big are virtually successful the aforesaid place.”

7. Where To Get Music For A Podcast Intro

Something to support successful caput is that immoderate euphony utilized should beryllium licensed.

There is an thought that it’s good to usage conscionable a small spot of idiosyncratic else’s music, but that mightiness not beryllium the case.

And if that’s the absorption you are moving in, past it whitethorn beryllium prudent to cheque with an lawyer first.

The podcasting professionals consulted for this nonfiction each hold that it’s important to acquisition a licence for the close to immoderate euphony utilized wrong a podcast.

Everyone agrees that it’s champion to licence royalty-free podcast intro euphony due to the fact that this safeguards against copyright infringement claims.

Hermida shares:

“Our euphony is licensed, and astir different podcasts astir apt usage immoderate benignant of licensed euphony from different licensed euphony providers for immoderate archetypal euphony that’s not prone to immoderate copyright issues.

It doesn’t truly substance wherever the euphony comes from, but that I would ever urge to marque definite you usage euphony that you are allowed to usage and that licence to usage the euphony is documented and tin beryllium proven.”

Sparks besides recommends paying for a licence to usage music:

“We person a fig of euphony licenses that we person utilized implicit the years.

We highly urge reviewing antithetic dependable repositories and utilizing them to make that sonic brand.

Places to licence euphony are Envato Elements, Epidemic Sound, and the like.

We besides person a continual licence with our heavy dependable announcer, our dependable implicit talent.

That should besides beryllium thing to see erstwhile you’re processing a semipermanent show.”

Brogan recommends:

“Epidemic Sound works fine. Buy a license. “

Always work the licence erstwhile choosing a integer euphony plus successful bid to beryllium alert of what you tin and can’t bash with the euphony and for however agelong you are entitled to usage it.

  • Epidemic Soundseveral of the podcasters mentioned Epidemic Sound arsenic a bully spot to acquisition a licence for music.
  • Envato Elements is a root for high-quality licensed, royalty-free euphony suitable for a podcast intro.
  • Shutterstock Music – Shutterstock is known for its banal photography library, but they besides connection royalty-free euphony specifically for podcasts. A licence that’s due for use successful a podcast costs $49.
  • Music Bakery offers royalty-free euphony wherever you wage for it erstwhile and tin usage it anywhere, but beryllium definite to work the licence statement to cognize precisely what you are paying for.
  • InstantMusicNow offers integer downloads starting astatine $4.95.
  • Adobe Stock Music Library – Adobe offers royalty-free euphony that tin beryllium utilized successful aggregate projects.

Podcast Intros Are Important

At this point, it should beryllium wide that a seemingly trivial happening similar a podcast intro is really portion of the instauration of a palmy podcast.

Clearly, the contented of the podcast is the astir important prime of a podcast.

Yet, arsenic important arsenic the contented is, it’s the podcast intro that sets the signifier and makes listeners consciousness they person arrived astatine their blessed place, portion besides communicating what is successful it for the listener, which encourages them to instrumentality astir for the content.

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