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In a satellite wherever galore radical connection services similar SEO and Google Ads management, it is important to basal retired and beryllium arsenic educated arsenic possible.

Seasoned veterans and caller professionals alike tin some payment from Google Ads Certification.

As an manufacture modular with contented tied straight to the Google Ads platform, it is the astir trusted credential and root for grooming successful the industry.

What Is Google Ads Certification?

Google Ads certification is simply a process by which Google recognizes marketers arsenic experts successful online advertising.

After passing Ads certification exams, individuals get a personalized certificate and – if affiliated with a institution – tin lend to the company’s Google Partner credentials.

Like galore Google products, properties, and initiatives, the programme has evolved implicit the years.

The certification programme was standalone and had a outgo attached to taking exams.

That changed with the instauration of the Google Partners programme and has further evolved with the migration to the Google Academy for Ads successful 2018 and, much recently, a rebrand to Skillshop.

Individual certification inactive works the aforesaid mode it has for the past respective years with grooming contented and exams.

Over the years, the certification has go a minimum oregon expected request for entry-level search selling roles for agencies and corporations.

Even erstwhile I prosecute idiosyncratic who volition spell done our grooming program, I cognize that they are consenting to put clip and spot the value of taking the measurement of getting certified is crucial.

Having that basal level of taxable substance vulnerability from Google is overmuch much circumstantial than what a schoolhouse textbook tin supply connected however Google Ads works.

On apical of that, there’s worth successful being capable to affiliate with an idiosyncratic who is already certified with my agency’s Google Partner account.

This step-by-step usher provides a walkthrough of however to get Ads certified, arsenic it tin beryllium a confusing process erstwhile doing it for the archetypal clip oregon erstwhile coming backmost lone annually oregon occasionally for recertification.

Step 1: Get Started In Skillshop

Navigate to the Google Ads Certification level wrong Skillshop.

In the apical close corner, click “Log In.”

Now, we’re astatine a captious measurement close away. We privation to guarantee that the relationship you get certified done is the circumstantial 1 you privation to beryllium certified.

If you enactment for an bureau oregon a company, you’re apt to beryllium required to usage your enactment email address.

Regardless of agency, corporate, oregon immoderate status, you apt privation to nexus your certification to the code you negociate Google Ads to support things elemental and clean.

If you haven’t managed Google Ads yet and don’t person an account, you tin easy make a caller relationship here to get started.

If you’re a returning user, beryllium cautious to find your Skillshop illustration and guarantee your Google relationship is inactive decently linked, truthful you don’t accidentally instrumentality exams successful a caller relationship versus recertifying your existent account.

The relationship absorption portion tin beryllium confusing and frustrating arsenic determination are abstracted profiles yet linked accounts betwixt this strategy and Google’s accounts and Ad absorption systems.

If you’re funny successful your certification counting toward a Google Partners badge, beryllium definite to usage your institution email code that you usage for managing ads for your Google Partner institution to nexus things properly.

If you’re interested, I promote you to larn much astir the Google Partners program details, requirements, and logistics for getting acceptable up.

Step 2: Select Your Exam

If needed, navigate backmost done Skillshop to the Google Ads Certifications again to get astatine the leafage with the database of exam topics.

Google Ads CertificationScreenshot from, July 2022

Here you tin find the circumstantial certification you privation to commencement with and click connected it.

Within the circumstantial certification, work the overview info.

When you’re acceptable to dive in, click the Get Started button.

Step 3: Prepare For Exams

Google provides some basal acquisition info and much extended grooming content.

The circumstantial Google Ads certifications include:

  • Search.
  • Display.
  • Measurement.
  • Video.
  • Shopping Ads.
  • Apps.
  • Ads Creative.

If you’re marque caller to Ads and the certification exams, I urge starting with the Google Ads Search Certification first.

Search ads are typically the astir communal benignant of ads a institution volition run.

But if you are much focused connected thing similar conscionable shopping, past commencement there.

Google Ads Search CertificationScreenshot from, July 2022

Training contented is tied to each of these circumstantial certifications.

When you click connected immoderate of them, you’ll beryllium presented with options to get started, including a speedy cognition appraisal and different resources.

You’ll request to program connected investing astatine slightest a fewer hours to spell done the grooming contented specialization.

If you’ve been managing Ads campaigns oregon person deeper exposure, it’s inactive a bully thought to spell done the modules – adjacent if you bash it faster.

The illustration questions are rather helpful; they are written successful the aforesaid format arsenic they look connected the existent exams.

Unless you person antecedently been certified and/or person a mean level of Ads experience, don’t skip the grooming content!

Step 4: Pass The Assessment

To go certified, you are required to walk the appraisal successful immoderate of the respective certification specialties.

Your certification volition past beryllium awarded for that circumstantial merchandise absorption area.

You tin halt with 1 specialization oregon proceed by going done further specializations until you person mastered and achieved each of those applicable to your desired credentials.

If you’re an overachiever oregon emotion standardized tests, there’s thing that says you can’t instrumentality them all.

Note that if you neglect to walk an exam, there’s a waiting play earlier you tin retry. That’s the lone existent punishment for not passing.

When you person passed 1 oregon much assessments, I urge downloading the integer certificate(s) and redeeming those, truthful you person impervious of your certification.

Additionally, you tin make a nationalist illustration leafage that showcases your mastery.

You tin crook the nationalist illustration connected (if you haven’t already) by clicking successful the apical close country of the leafage and past connected “My Account.” You’ll find a toggle power for “Public” to crook connected if you take by pursuing the prompts.


Google Ads Certification provides a base-level credential for caller professionals managing ads.

It besides provides an ongoing accidental for manufacture veterans to support their presumption and amusement longevity by keeping certified and staying connected apical of the level and champion practices changes implicit time.

Whether seeking your archetypal occupation successful the manufacture retired of schoolhouse oregon leveraging the certification for a Google Partners designation, I urge the programme for learning and maintaining acquisition and modular credentials.

There are different fantabulous grooming and education programs disposable from 3rd parties.

However, the Google Ads Certification inactive holds value successful the manufacture and is simply a communal anticipation for paid hunt practitioners to have.

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