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One constituent of a palmy integer selling strategy is your societal media presence.

If you request numbers to beryllium the worth of societal media marketing, you’ve travel to the close place. There are present 4.55 billion progressive societal media users globally, but that fig is 9.9% higher than past year.

That means 400 cardinal caller radical person signed up for astatine slightest 1 societal media relationship wrong the past year.

Worldwide, the top societal networks are Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

Continue speechmaking to observe much reasons your concern needs societal media marketing.

How Many People Use Social Media Each Month?

As of 2021, 84% of the US colonisation usage astatine slightest 1 societal media network.

Worldwide, the progressive fig of societal media users is 57.6% of the full population. That means implicit half of the world regularly uses astatine slightest 1 societal media web erstwhile a month.

The apical 7 societal networks person implicit 1 cardinal monthly progressive users.

Facebook leads the database of astir utilized societal networks, followed by YouTube, and past the remainder of the metaverse – WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger.

Let’s instrumentality a person look astatine the numbers.

Average Amount of Monthly Users successful 2021

The pursuing are the statistic for monthly users of the top 15 societal media apps globally successful 2021:

  1. Facebook – 2.89 billion
  2.  YouTube – 2.29 billion
  3.  WhatsApp – 2.00 billion
  4.  Instagram – 1.39 billion
  5. Facebook Messenger – 1.30 billion
  6.  WeChat (Weixin) – 1.25 billion
  7.  TikTok (Douyin) – 1 billion
  8. LinkedIn – 800 million*
  9. QQ – 591 million
  10. Sina Weibo – 566million
  11.  Telegram – 550 million
  12.  Snapchat – 538 million
  13. Kuaishou – 506 million
  14. Twitter – 463 million
  15.  Pinterest – 454 million

* Total members – fig of monthly progressive users listed.

In the U.S., the top societal media platforms utilized by a percent of adults see the following:

  1. YouTube – 81%
  2. Facebook – 69%
  3. Instagram – 40%
  4. Pinterest – 31%
  5. LinkedIn – 28%
  6. Snapchat – 25%
  7. Twitter – 23%
  8. WhatsApp – 23%
  9. TikTok – 21%
  10. Reddit – 18%
  11. Nextdoor – 13%

Platform-Specific Statistics

Check retired this database of 2021’s societal media manufacture leaders and immoderate of their champion show statistics.

1. Facebook

Facebook is astatine the apical of this database for a reason. Not lone did they sound the contention retired of the parkland with 2.89+ cardinal users each month, but 69% of U.S. adults person utilized Facebook astatine slightest erstwhile successful the past year.

The Facebook statistic for 2021 archer a communicative wherever galore chapters absorption connected the younger generations.

Over 53% of Facebook users crossed the globe are successful the 18-34 property group, with 25-34 year-olds starring astatine 31.5% and 18-24 year-olds astatine 22.7%.

Businesses besides payment greatly from Facebook. Over 200 million businesses usage Facebook to scope their customers.

It’s not a astonishment erstwhile you spot that the mean Facebook idiosyncratic clicks astir 12 ads per month.

If you’re looking for much engagement for your brand, decidedly effort Facebook.

2. YouTube

Google whitethorn beryllium the starring hunt engine, but YouTube is the 2nd astir popular hunt engine and website globally.

People can’t halt watching YouTube. In the United States, 62% of YouTube users sojourn YouTube daily. On a monthly basis, implicit 2 billion logged-in users ticker an astounding 1 billion hours of video daily.

Each minute, YouTube creators upload implicit 500 hours of content. That’s not lone a batch of contented but a batch of commercials and concern promotions.

What advertisers volition beryllium blessed to perceive is that YouTube ads work, reaching 2.29 cardinal YouTube users.

3. Instagram

Instagram present connects implicit 1 billion users who privation to stock and create.

People besides similar interacting with businesses connected Instagram. Over 200 million businesses person visits from Instagram users daily. You tin spot wherefore galore companies are present turning to Instagram to beforehand their brand.

According to Instagram, 90% of its users travel a marque and 87% instrumentality enactment erstwhile they spot a product.

What’s besides absorbing are the Instagram statistic connected however radical enactment erstwhile they shop. For example, 70% of shoppers look to Instagram for their adjacent purchase, and implicit 130 million Instagram users pat connected buying posts monthly.

Furthermore, 86% of Instagram users would beryllium apt to cheque retired a merchandise due to the fact that it was shareworthy, and 50% of shoppers person visited a website aft seeing a merchandise successful Instagram Stories.

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is worldwide. The nonrecreational web has implicit 800 million users from implicit 200 countries. Known for being a large mode to market yourself professionally and marque concern connections, the tract has a agelong reach.

In a survey astir integer trust, U.S. consumers rated LinkedIn arsenic the level astir apt to protect their privateness and data.

According to Statista, 59.2% of LinkedIn users autumn into the 25-34 year-old property group, with 56.6% of users are male.

LinkedIn is besides bully for B2B businesses. According to a survey conducted by LinkedIn, they were the number 1 pb procreation platform.

5. Pinterest

Pinterest isn’t conscionable for readying your wedding oregon redeeming 10 cardinal recipes you’ll ne'er cook. It’s for conscionable astir everything you tin deliberation of, which is portion of wherefore radical usage the site.

Over 459 million radical usage Pinterest for inspiration, and 80% of play Pinterest users person discovered a caller marque oregon merchandise portion perusing the network’s feed.

And Pinterest has been doing rather well. Incredibly, the company’s 2021 Q3 gross grew 43% twelvemonth to year.

Pinterest users mostly person a purpose, however. Compared to everyone else, Pinterest blows the contention distant erstwhile it comes to intent. That’s due to the fact that 55% of its users get connected the app specifically to hunt for products.

6. TikTok

With 1 cardinal monthly progressive users, wherever 60% of them are 18-34 years old, you cannot contradict TikTok has a spot successful the selling premix for galore businesses.

The top categories, based connected hashtag views, see entertainment, dance, fitness/sport, location renovation/DIY, beauty, and fashion. Brands that tin make contented that fits successful 1 of these categories volition apt summation their visibility with TikTok audiences.

How important is TikTok to ecommerce? According to an Adweek & Morning Consult survey, 15% of adults and 36% of Gen Z TikTok users person made a acquisition based disconnected of contented seen connected TikTok.

Get started with TikTok contented with data-driven advice from their platform.

  • Videos that instrumentality up the afloat surface (9:16 ratio) spot a 60% assistance successful impressions.
  • Videos with closed captioning oregon substance connected surface spot a 55.7% assistance successful impressions.
  • Videos with summary/end paper accusation spot a 47.3% assistance successful impressions.

7. Snapchat

Snapchat’s imaginable advertisement assemblage and idiosyncratic basal of 538 cardinal marque it a large level for brands – particularly brands selling to 13-24 year-olds who marque up implicit 58% of Snapchat’s idiosyncratic base.

According to Snapchat, 306 million radical usage the level daily, spending an mean of 30 minutes connected the network. Over 210 million snaps were being created each time arsenic of 2019.

Snapchat advertizing is growing. In 2021 Q3, Snapchat gross surpassed 1 billion U.S. dollars.


As we determination into 2022, we volition spot emergence of caller trends, features, and overmuch much from societal media.

Defined by an quality to alteration with the times, link people, and engage, these societal media titans volition apt proceed to thrust the market.

The statistic don’t lie: Social media is here, and it’s present to stay.

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