Spring 2022 Update 🌱 New Features, Improvements…

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Spring is already implicit successful the Northern Hemisphere and it is frankincense clip for america to springiness you a speedy recap of each the caller features and improvements released implicit the past fewer weeks.

Before we begin, present is our Winter 2021/2022 update successful lawsuit you missed it… ❄️

Now, let's speech astir our Spring update…

Site Explorer

Generate PDF Report

You tin present crook Site Explorer results into a PDF report.

All you request to bash is to click connected the 3 dots astatine the apical close of the Site Explorer results leafage and connected “Export To .PDF”. You volition past spot a modal model with a fewer settings, arsenic shown below:

Site Explorer PDF Report (Form)

As you tin see, you tin see 4 antithetic sections successful this report:

  • Overview
  • Metrics
  • Backlinks (maximum 500 rows)
  • Referring Domains (maximum 500 rows)

Here is what the PDF study looks like:

Site Explorer PDF Report

That way, you tin easy stock Site Explorer results with your colleagues, clients and adjacent prospects.

Cashflow Manager

Cashflow Projections

We made respective improvements to Cashflow Manager, successful bid to marque it much projection-friendly.

You tin present spot your projected cashflow implicit the selected play of time.

Cashflow Projections

Don't cognize what Cashflow Manager is?

Cashflow Manager is simply a instrumentality that helps you enactment up to day with your business's fiscal projections without spending hours doing so.

All incomes and expenses tin beryllium added to the strategy with conscionable a fewer clicks and cashflow projections are showcased successful easy-to-understand graphs.

Other Changes & Improvements

Alexa Rank Replaced by SimilarWeb Rank closed down connected May 1st, meaning the Alexa Rank, which we amusement successful Site Explorer, Site Manager and respective different tools, is not disposable anymore.

SimilarWeb rapidly saw an accidental and made their postulation fertile disposable via an API, meaning we were capable to integrate it.

SimilarWeb Rank

Now, alternatively of seeing the Alexa Rank, you volition spot the SimilarWeb rank, truthful you tin comparison the postulation rankings of websites.

If you acquisition issues of immoderate kind, don't hesitate to get successful interaction with our affable enactment team, by opening a summons from the members area.

More caller features and improvements are coming soon. Stay tuned!

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