SEO Split-Test Result: Do Numbers in Title Tags Affect CTRs?

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Before you start: what bash you cognize astir SEO split-testing? If you’re unfamiliar with the principles of statistical SEO split-testing and however SplitSignal works, we suggest you commencement here oregon request a demo

Have you ever wondered however the numbers successful immoderate of your rubric tags impact hunt performance? 

Yes, america too, and we’ve investigated with an SEO split-test of click-through rates (CTRs) to find the answers for you.

To footwear things disconnected successful our accustomed fashion, we reached retired connected societal media to stitchery our community’s expectations for an experimentation that enactment thousands of heading tags to the test. We planned to region numbers from fractional of the rubric tags successful question and comparison results to the ones that retained them. Our canvass aimed to observe what kinds of results were expected—here’s however it went connected Twitter: 


Uroš Stanimirović, Content Writer & Editor at Brid.TV:

My conjecture would beryllium that it would beryllium connected the numbers.
I deliberation that precocious numbers volition beryllium off-putting to the user and volition bring nary worth to the SERPs. Smaller, much applicable numbers could spot a CTR increase.
But if I had to spot 1 wide guess, I'd accidental thing would alteration (at slightest not substantially enough).

Sean Majer, Chief Operating Officer at VeteranPCS:

I would conjecture that integrated postulation accrued aft removing the fig of products available. In m opinion, ample numbers tin beryllium overwhelming to consumers which causes them to similar a website that doesn't specify however galore of thing they have.

What bash you think? Are the results successful enactment with your expectations, too? 

Let’s dive into the survey and its results to spot however adjacent to the people the votes were successful this poll:

The Hypothesis

The people tract successful question for our CTR split-test was a ample website that specializes successful income of icons and stickers. This is the archetypal rubric tag setup it was utilizing for each class pages:


The operation seems to marque cleanable sense, right? It targets applicable keywords, and it gives the searchers everything they request to recognize what the leafage is about, but is the usage of numbers unnecessary here? Moreover, bash they really person a antagonistic interaction connected SEO show if they are utilized astatine the commencement of a rubric tag? 

That was our hypothesis—our method was to usage the powerfulness of SplitSignal to trial it with 14,000 pages from the chosen website. The tool’s cross-site editing relation meant we could rapidly region the perchance unnecessary numbers from ~7,000 of those pages (in lone 2 minutes, successful fact) and trial them against the ~7,000 that inactive included them. 

Would the removal of numbers from rubric tags impact the fig of integrated clicks they received? Let’s find out…

The Results

Having tally the trial for 3 weeks, we recovered that the removal of the numbers had a statistically important affirmative effect connected the integrated clicks connected the rubric tags successful the variant group. Those who voted for a affirmative alteration successful our Twitter canvass were correct, aft all. 


For this website, astatine least, the enactment of removing unnecessary numbers from the rubric tag brought astir an summation successful integrated clicks of 7.3% successful lone 3 weeks. This was with a test assurance level of 99%.

Understanding the results

While the alteration we made present was simple, the reasons down the effects tin beryllium complicated. 

In elemental SEO terms, the alteration shouldn’t truly marque that overmuch difference. Of course, it moves the keyword person to the opening of the rubric (which is thing we volition trial successful the future), but determination is nary certainty that this modification unsocial tin bring you results similar these.

The affirmative uplift successful clicks mightiness beryllium down to the information that the SERPs look a small ‘cleaner’ and possibly much charismatic without the numbers, but it’s hard to archer that for definite here.

Indeed, a abbreviated and elemental rubric is not ever the perfect approach—our rubric tags should beryllium focused connected providing arsenic overmuch applicable accusation arsenic imaginable for users, and they perfectly shouldn’t beryllium written purely for hunt engines.

We person conducted aggregate studies that person proved the value of tag optimization, including one that looked astatine the inclusion of further keywords successful abbreviated rubric tags. These kinds of techniques tin let you to resonate much with your people searchers and, of course, summation your integrated postulation arsenic a effect if you get the targeting right.

Be definite to usage these results to deliberation cautiously astir the optimization of your rubric tags—prioritize the instauration of unsocial titles that see lone applicable accusation for your people audience. Sometimes, numbers volition beryllium necessary, but for different pages, they mightiness not—you tin usage a instrumentality similar SplitSignal to enactment them to the trial crossed your full website.

Consider the operation of SEO factors that find your integrated rankings, and don’t expect idiosyncratic changes similar the ones successful this trial to dramatically impact performance. Sure, it mightiness person a large interaction successful the end, but effort dipping your toes archetypal alternatively of diving successful astatine the heavy end. The aforesaid maneuver volition ne'er impact each tract successful precisely the aforesaid way.

With SplitSignal, you tin trial these tweaks and marque changes crossed your full website erstwhile you’re ready, tracking show on the way. The champion bit? If the results of the changes aren’t what you expected, you tin reverse them arsenic rapidly arsenic you made them. 

Get successful interaction with the SplitSignal squad contiguous to petition a demo.