Petco Saves Weeks of Manual Effort to Prove ROI at Scale With ClarityAutomate

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To assistance amended hunt visibility and traffic, Petco a category-defining wellness and wellness institution focused connected improving the lives of pets, favored parents and their ain Petco partners — outlined a program for optimizing tens of thousands of pages crossed their tract and further positioning themselves arsenic a thought person successful the favored space. 

Roadblock to Success: Limited Resources 

With constricted IT resources, competing concern priorities and a CMS requiring quick-fixes, Petco’s SEO squad focused their efforts connected their site’s resources center, making changes and updates to their templated website.

“Our CMS and website required a batch of idiosyncratic and manual inputs,” said John Caiozzo, Senior SEO Manager for Petco. “For example: erstwhile adding breadcrumb markup, our strategy didn’t automatically make the associated markup, making this a manual process.” 

While the squad had antecedently relied connected different solutions to trial SEO, they were limited. Additionally, they sought a mode to deploy the changes from their tests astatine standard but with minimal assistance from developers. 

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Solution: Deploy SEO Changes with ClarityAutomate

“ClarityAutomate allowed america to deploy a batch of incremental
that thrust SEO visits, and provided america with
robust abilities to scale optimizations.”
- John Caiozzo, Senior SEO Manager, Petco

The SEO squad gained the quality to deploy the desired changes astatine standard with ClarityAutomate

They knew making improvements to their informational contented would boost their integrated visibility, summation traffic, and enactment the on-site idiosyncratic experience. This strategy helps to present caller users to the marque and thrust information for Petco earlier successful the buyer's journey.

“ClarityAutomate allows america to deploy a batch of incremental changes that thrust integrated visits and provides america with much robust abilities to standard optimizations,” John said. “We’ve been capable to displacement our dev team’s clip and vigor connected much resource-intensive requests.” 

Aside from making SEO changes astatine scale, ClarityAutomate can:

  • Test much optimizations faster
  • Make leafage fixes earlier deploying crossed the site
  • Prove real-life outcomes to get projects prioritized with the dev team

Results: Execution of SEO astatine Scale successful Five Minutes oregon Less

“We’ve been capable to significantly amplify our efforts
producing caller content connected the site, reducing clip to
rank portion making needed optimizations connected pages.”
- John Caiozzo, Senior SEO Manager, Petco

With the caller ways to instrumentality changes quickly, the squad scaled their contented instauration and optimization efforts crossed their acquisition contented pages.

“We’ve been capable to importantly amplify our efforts producing caller contented connected the site,” John said. “This reduced clip to fertile and allowed much clip for needed optimizations to pages with precocious CVR and AOV.”

Most notably, they saved hours of enactment performing manual updates.

“Updating the rubric tag for a ample acceptable of pages utilized to beryllium time-intensive, manual work,” John said. “Now, they tin beryllium updated with a elemental upload successful 5 minutes oregon less.”

Other implementations, similar updating merchandise links crossed merchandise and class pages saved the squad weeks of time.

“The quality to marque these smaller changes crossed our tract that our CMS didn’t let helped prioritize our dev resources connected different SEO projects that mightiness beryllium a heavier assistance but person a truly bully instrumentality connected concern for Petco,” John said.

ClarityAutomate Enables SEO Execution

“ClarityAutomate allows you to get the speedy things done,
scale it out, and focus connected the important things long-term.”
- John Caiozzo, Senior SEO Manager, Petco

With ClarityAutomate, Petco’s SEO squad was capable to get the tiny tasks accomplished connected their pages astatine standard truthful they could absorption connected much revenue-driving initiatives.

“ClarityAutomate allows you to get the speedy things done, standard it out, and absorption connected the important things long-term,” John said.

Enterprise SEOs experiencing akin challenges are encouraged to sign-up for a demo to spot if ClarityAutomate is simply a bully lucifer for your endeavor needs.

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