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The IndexNow protocol gets upgraded with the quality to instantly stock information betwixt hunt engines.

IndexNow Enables Data Sharing Between Search Engines

Microsoft is making the IndexNow protocol easier to instrumentality by ensuring submitted URLs are simultaneously shared betwixt hunt engines.

IndexNow launched successful October 2021 arsenic solution to assistance websites get their contented indexed and updated successful hunt engines faster.

The IndexNow protocol ensures that each URLs submitted to any IndexNow-enabled hunt motor instantly get submitted to all different akin hunt engines.

That means webmasters conscionable request to notify 1 API endpoint, arsenic each URLs volition beryllium co-shared to each hunt motor that supports the IndexNow protocol.

In summation to redeeming clip and effort for contented publishers, this assists hunt engines successful their contented find efforts, which makes the web much businesslike arsenic a whole.

Microsoft Bing has already started sharing URLs from IndexNow with Yandex and vice-versa, and different hunt engines volition travel suit aft mounting up the required infrastructure.

All hunt engines adopting the IndexNow protocol hold that submitted URLs volition beryllium automatically shared with each different participating hunt engines.

In an announcement, the Microsoft Bing Webmaster Tools squad states:

“The IndexNow protocol tin assistance the full hunt manufacture get their contented indexed faster, portion utilizing little resources. Early adoption of IndexNow tin assistance businesses present timely accusation to their users crossed hunt engines and reap benefits of staying up of the curve.”

IndexNow volition proceed to amended arsenic it’s implemented by much websites.

The wide extremity with IndexNow is to maximize hunt motor indexing, optimize crawl load management, and present the freshest contented to searchers.

IndexNow is created by Microsoft and Yandex, but the protocol is unfastened root and disposable to each hunt engines.

For much accusation astir IndexNow, including however to instrumentality it connected your website, spot the pursuing resources:

Source: Microsoft Bing

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