How to Expose Your Competitors in One Click with Domain Analytics 

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Unless you’re a information scientist, it tin beryllium a tedious process to cod data. It takes adjacent much clip to analyse it to gully conclusions. 

But what if you could bash it successful 1 click with our suite of tools? You could, for free, even

Our suite of domain analytics tools tin assistance you easy analyse your competitors’ data. It’s a batch of accusation astatine your disposal, truthful it helps to recognize what the reports mean first. 

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To jump-start your competitory analysis, spell to Semrush Domain Overview, participate a domain and travel the steps below:

Step 1. Look into your competitor’s integrated postulation successful the Organic Search tab. See their apical integrated keywords, main integrated competitors, branded postulation trends, branded/non-branded keywords distribution.

Step 2. Analyze however they are utilizing their paid hunt successful the Paid Search Traffic tab. Discover their apical paid keywords, main paid competitors, and examples of ads they are using.

Step 3. View the backlinks study to spot wherever they are linking successful the Backlinks tab. Get elaborate accusation connected follow/nofollow links, backlink and anchor types, referring domains, and indexed pages.

How to Check Any Domain’s Authority Score

You tin spot the Authority Score of immoderate website astatine the apical of our  Domain Overview study (for free).

With a free subscription, you tin analyse up to 10 domains per time successful this tool.

Once you participate a domain you tin instantly spot each of the information we person connected the peculiar domain. 


This could beryllium overwhelming if you don’t cognize precisely what you’re looking at. 

To recognize competitor website analysis, let’s interruption it down portion by portion and analyse each section. 

Want an adjacent easier mode to digest everything connected the dashboard? Click connected the Export to PDF fastener to automatically trade a report. 

Sift done the study yourself to rapidly gully conclusions, oregon nonstop it implicit to your squad members. You tin docket the reports to spell retired each week oregon period to ever enactment a measurement up of your competition. 

First, let's commencement by looking astatine a domain's integrated hunt traffic. This is the spot to beryllium erstwhile it comes to knowing conscionable the integrated broadside of your search.

For this peculiar case, let’s instrumentality a look astatine the integrated hunt postulation for Adidas. The 17.9 cardinal bluish fig present says however overmuch estimated postulation gets from integrated keywords per month.


While you whitethorn cognize your website’s integrated hunt postulation from utilizing Google Search Console, this is simply a large mode to rapidly estimation your competitor’s SEO traffic.

It's important to support successful caput that this is an mean monthly number, based connected the keywords we recovered this domain ranking for successful Google’s apical 100 results. 

In summation to estimated postulation volume, integrated hunt information volition fto you analyse the fig of keywords, postulation cost, branded traffic, and non-branded traffic.


Keywords amusement you the fig of keywords bringing users to the domain portion branded and non-branded postulation shows their respective traffic.

Analyze Traffic Cost with Semrush 

Finally, Traffic Cost estimates the magnitude you would request to wage monthly successful Google Ads if you wanted to fertile with advertizing wherever this website already ranks with integrated results. 

This gives you a mode to gauge however invaluable a domain’s SEO rankings are, based connected the CPC x the magnitude of postulation the domain gets from it. 

Organic Search Traffic

Scroll down to the Organic Search portion of the Overview page. As you scroll down you volition announcement the highlighted integrated hunt postulation widget astatine the apical of the dashboard. As you proceed to scroll down, these widgets volition item to lucifer the conception you are in.

The archetypal widget successful the integrated probe conception is Top Organic Keywords. This shows the apical keywords for and their volume, CPC, and postulation %.

Traffic % present is an estimation of however overmuch of the domain’s full integrated hunt postulation comes from each keyword. Here, we estimation that 11.85% of’s integrated postulation comes from searching “adidas” arsenic of May 2022. 


If we determination to the right, we tin spot however their positioning is distributed amongst their keyword rankings successful Google’s apical 100. This shows america however galore keywords they person that they are ranking wrong the Top 3 positions, and however galore are wrong positions 4-10, 11-20, 21-50, and 51-100.

Obviously, keyword rankings successful the apical 3 are the astir impactful and valuable, truthful each the keywords successful those different bars correspond a domain’s imaginable to summation much visibility and postulation from SEO.

Moving further down the leafage you volition spot the apical competitors for Adidas. We tin spot these competitors displayed successful the graph to the right, representing each rival successful a bubble.


Each bubble’s presumption volition alteration based connected the keywords they’re ranking for and their traffic. The much the bubble moves to the top, the much postulation they volition beryllium receiving from Organic Keywords. The much the bubble moves to the right, the much keywords they volition beryllium ranking wrong the Top 100 results.

The past information of this study refers to branded traffic. This is based connected the integrated keywords the domain is already ranking for. 

This conception shows the ratio of branded to non-branded keywords that the domain ranks for. You tin find much accusation astir branded keywords successful the Knowledge Base.

When you’re looking astatine a domain from a Paid Search perspective, you’ll spot your competitors' bidding information. 

In this example, we tin spot that Adidas receives an estimated 552.4K monthly visits specifically from paid hunt ads. 


When you click connected this paid hunt postulation fig you’ll beryllium brought to the Advertising Research report. Here you volition summation an adjacent much in-depth investigation of a domain's paid traffic. 

You’ll spot the keywords, traffic, and postulation cost. The percent alteration represents the quality from the anterior month.


If we privation to spot however this occurred, we tin spell to the Advertising Research Position Changes report to spot what changed successful their keywords since the past update was conducted.

The aforesaid conception we applied to the Organic Search conception tin beryllium applied to the Paid Search section. 

You’ll spot akin accusation to what was displayed successful Organic Search, with apical Keywords and Competitors displayed the aforesaid mode for Paid Search.

The aforesaid goes for the contention presumption maps and presumption inclination distribution. 

The different main quality betwixt Organic and Paid is the Sample Ads conception astatine the bottom. This volition amusement you your competitors' Ad Copy for their Paid Search efforts. 


By selecting the “View details” fastener connected immoderate of these sections, you volition beryllium redirected to different study successful our bundle and uncover much accusation connected the fixed conception you selected.


Under Backlinks, you volition find the websites that are linking to the domain. For Adidas, you tin spot that determination are 108.8 cardinal backlinks. This is based connected the information for 43 trillion backlinks successful our database arsenic of May 2022. 

The Backlinks conception of the Domain Overview leafage volition uncover a snapshot of what backlink accusation we’re capable to find for a domain. 

The archetypal subsection listed volition beryllium a illustration of idiosyncratic backlinks pointing to the queried domain. Within this section, we tin reappraisal the Link URL on with the referring leafage title. 


Next to this data, we tin spot a ellipse diagram breaking down backlinks by however galore person a nofollow tag connected them. 

Links with nofollow tags are little invaluable for SEO arsenic they are telling hunt engines not to travel this hyperlink to the domain it’s pointing to.

We tin past besides spot what types of backlinks constituent to this domain done the diagram listed below.

We tin uncover much astir the domain’s backlinks by reviewing the Top Anchors section. This volition amusement america what anchor text is utilized the astir successful their backlinks. 

This widget volition besides archer america however galore domains usage this peculiar anchor arsenic good arsenic the fig of backlinks that usage this anchor text. 

The referring domains conception coincides with the backlinks shown. This tells you which websites are sending the astir backlinks to the queried domain. 

If you’re looking astatine your competitor’s apical referring domains, you mightiness privation to spot if you could build links to your tract from those aforesaid domains. 

Next, we tin past reappraisal the domain’s indexed pages. 

When reviewing these pages, this doesn’t needfully mean what Google has indexed. This accusation is coming from our ain sources truthful this is telling you what indexed pages Semrush recovered for the queried domain.

Analyze Any Website with Domain Overview 

Now that you cognize however to exposure your competitors you tin instrumentality afloat vantage of this instrumentality and spot what you tin excavation up successful their online strategy.

Follow the steps supra to commencement a competitor analysis of immoderate of your apical competitors and place wherever you request assistance closing the spread with your SEO and PPC competition.