How a testing model is driving SEAT and CUPRA’s search marketing performance

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“Will we ever beryllium capable to enactment hunt selling strategy successful the driver’s seat?” This is astir each hunt marketer’s dilemma arsenic the assemblage continues to stay astatine the mercy of Google’s algorithms and updates.

SEAT S.A, the Barcelona-based multinational automaker portion of the Volkswagen radical person innovated a investigating exemplary that is driving maturation for its brands, SEAT and CUPRA successful the European market. While SEAT is the young, chill and municipality marque that offers cars with striking designs and respective mobility solutions – CUPRA is an unconventional brand, which is defined by its progressive plan and the show of its electrified models.

We spoke with Corinne Calcabrina, Global Media Manager astatine SEAT S.A, Sophie Santallusia, Global Paid Search and Programmatic Director, and Alejandro Sebastian, Global Search Team Lead astatine PHD Media Spain to sermon the ‘Performance innovation program’ (SEAT S.A’s investigating model) and its worth adhd to the businesses.

A fast-paced industry

Digital is simply a fast-moving assemblage and search is ever reinventing itself with caller formats and everchanging ways to make and negociate accounts. The teams astatine SEAT and CUPRA had respective symptom points:

1. Staying on-top of each innovations and changes successful the industry

“We needed to go archetypal movers who actively capitalize connected opportunities that appear. To guarantee this our teams needed to instrumentality vantage of hunt abstraction dynamics, use champion practices, and summation a technological and quality borderline implicit the competition.”

– Corinne Calcabrina, Global Media Manager astatine SEAT S.A.

2. Improving visibility of the team’s hard work

“While we were putting each these efforts, we wanted to amended our team’s visibility. While we are engaged becoming the champion performing channel, ever reinventing, moving towards results and efficiencies, we often miss the glitter of different channels. Adding an authoritative scope and model means we get to study and showcase our achievements.”

– Corinne Calcabrina, Global Media Manager, SEAT S.A.

3. Maintaining show and improving efficiency

“As the champion performing transmission connected a last-click attribution model, we were besides facing aggregate challenges. The pandemic lockdowns and microchip shortages made hunt show improvements a constant, ongoing must-have. This meant decreasing the outgo per click (CPC) and improving the outgo per acquisition (CPA) were ever halfway reasons to make specified a investigating model.”

– Corinne Calcabrina, Global Media Manager, SEAT S.A

Putting investigating successful the operator seat: The SEAT and CUPRA Performance innovation program

The SEAT S.A investigating model, ‘Performance innovation program’ was designed to align with the inherent emotion for innovation that runs astatine the halfway of SEAT and CUPRA brands. The investigating exemplary was built centrally to support marque absorption connected the spot of paid hunt – improving outgo efficiencies and accelerating performance.

Corinne and her squad astatine SEAT S.A and their agency, PHD Media reviewed marque strategies for SEAT and CUPRA respectively, their performance, and section needs. They created a model that provides structure, helps the brands grow their marketplace share, and present cardinal visibility connected the investigating results. They created circumstantial investigating roadmaps, based connected quarterly goals that align with section markets based connected their needs and strategies.

“We past applied our tests, sharing the proposal (highlighting results from different markets) of what we anticipation to execute and past applying the trial into the main strategy.

“We had a wide timeline and roadmap. We ever trial and learn. This allows america to person a circumstantial presumption with partners, allowing america to ever beryllium portion of the alphas and betas, investigating caller formats, ever trying to amended results astatine the aforesaid time”, Corinne shared.

To facilitate consistency the SEAT S.A squad organized tests passim the twelvemonth pacing 1 trial astatine a clip for an advertisement radical oregon run to support ratio and summation wide observations. The roadmap was created connected these factors:

  • Priorities for markets based connected the interaction and workload
  • Changes that Google makes to advertisement formats oregon antithetic features that it sunsets oregon iterates

The hunt selling expansive prix: data, automation, and ocular optimization

SEAT S.A and PHD Media started differentiating strategies by keyword benignant and defined them for each advertisement group. Keywords were segmented based connected marque and non-brand search, their role, and their respective KPIs. This information was past utilized during the auction bidding. Artificial quality (AI) was utilized to conception audiences and people ads that were apical of the funnel. Comparative insights from these tests were aboriginal fed into the concern to pass the absorption of strategy.

To amended the click done complaint (CTR) and little CPCs, the SEAT S.A squad focused connected adding visuals to ads, improving ad-copies, and investigating caller extensions. They besides decreased CPAs by utilizing bid strategies and the system’s AI to get the champion of their budgets.

To maestro their ocular interaction connected audiences SEAT S.A utilized representation extensions for each advertisement crossed each their campaigns. Google displayed these images based connected aggregate factors similar clicks, content, and keyword triggers to optimize the champion performing ones.

From a information constituent of view, successful Search SEAT S.A utilized Google Search Ads (SA360) to negociate and show their Google Ads and Bing Ads respectively. The information sets tracked each the halfway essentials of paid search:

  • Keyword conversion performance
  • Ad copies
  • Audience information done each the customized bidding options disposable successful SA360


The ‘Performance innovation program’ exemplary has helped SEAT and CUPRA execute 1 of their champion tests which catalyzed their hunt show successful presumption of the outgo per sojourn (CPV), 1 of their main KPIs that signaled apical of the funnel conversions. The outgo per sojourn (CPV) improved by 30% and outgo per acquisition (CPA) improved by 37%.

SEAT S.A (SEAT and CUPRA) are present equipped with caller ways to deduce and analyse conversions connected a market-to-market basis.

Sharing quality crossed divers markets

After completing the investigating phase, the SEAT S.A squad and their planetary spouse PHD Media reported connected results and observations. Sharing their learnings and insights with different markets has empowered different teams to payment from the cognition and expertise derived from the palmy trial prototypes. Focusing connected components that thrust results has allowed the teams dispersed crossed to beryllium challenged and has facilitated changeless learning portion embracing changes and caller features. The SEAT and CUPRA teams are present powerfully positioned to outperform the competition.

Gearing up for a cooky little future

Going cooky little volition bring challenging times and interaction the hunt channel. SEAT and CUPRA program to antagonistic this with the usage of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to support show and people the close audience. Opening up to caller ocular formats similar Discovery campaigns and MMA/MSAN from Bing volition besides instrumentality an important spot wrong hunt successful the future, arsenic the halfway of hunt mightiness germinate with much automation, little granularity and control.

Greater absorption connected measurement and a privacy-first future

The squad is investigating ‘consent mode’ with GA4 and ‘enhanced conversion’ to estimation the attrition owed to privateness guidelines. They are besides focused connected identifying and designing a hazard contingency program for the paid hunt elements that they won’t beryllium capable to trial successful the adjacent future.

“We are investigating each the caller solutions and features that Google is bringing to the marketplace successful presumption of privateness and cooky little capabilities. Particularly, our investigating is focused connected deploying the afloat suite of Google Analytics 4 (GA4), site-wide tagging, consent mode, and enhanced conversions.

Additionally, we are besides investigating caller assemblage segments that GA4 allows wrong a privateness archetypal ecosystem connected our paid hunt campaigns. We are seeing immoderate affirmative and promising results.”

– Corinne Calcabrina, Global Media Manager astatine SEAT S.A

SEAT S.A and PHD Media are actively focused connected Google solutions for mapping markets and audiences that are privateness compliant and applicable for targeting segments.

They are besides moving towards gathering and connecting archetypal enactment information similar CRM audiences and lawsuit lucifer solutions.

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