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With each the options connected the market, deciding which SEO tools you privation to usage tin beryllium a spot overwhelming.

There are galore tools for keyword research, competitive analysis, keyword rankings, and each the different tasks we implicit arsenic SEO pros.

The fig of SEO tools disposable continues to grow, and it tin beryllium pugnacious to find which is champion for you.

That reply depends connected galore factors, including budget, squad size, and the operation of your concern and website.

Do you tally a blog oregon an ecommerce store?

Are you astatine an bureau oregon in-house?

The database goes on, and you don’t privation each those options to springiness you investigation paralysis.

Google Keyword Planner is 1 of the astir communal keyword probe tools and has been astir for rather a agelong time.

The payment of utilizing Google Keyword Planner for keyword probe is that it is escaped and it uses Google data.

If you don’t cognize what you should use, Keyword Planner is simply a harmless prime that tin supply worth to conscionable astir anyone.

In this article, we volition reappraisal however to leverage Keyword Planner for your keyword probe needs.

What Is Google Keyword Planner?

Google Keyword Planner is simply a escaped instrumentality that assists integer marketers successful their probe efforts, astir commonly for hunt campaigns, some paid and organic.

It highlights assorted types of “keywords” oregon “search phrases and terms” related to your business.

Keyword Planner estimates the monthly hunt measurement for definite keywords and however overmuch it would outgo to people them with a paid campaign.

And portion the archetypal intent of Keyword Planner was for paid hunt campaigns, the instrumentality is invaluable beyond conscionable hunt motor selling (SEM).

SEO pros person been dipping into this escaped instrumentality for years arsenic a escaped assets for keyword research.

Why Use Google Keyword Planner For SEO?

Google Keyword Planner offers the quality to look for keyword insights for free.

Many tools necessitate a paid subscription, but Keyword Planner is simply a escaped alternate that allows you to behaviour immoderate keyword research.

Keyword Planner has galore benefits, including the quality to find caller keywords that are related to your nonsubjective and however galore times consumers are searching for these each month.

If you don’t person entree to immoderate paid tools yet, Keyword Planner tin assistance you place what is important for you successful a keyword probe tool truthful you cognize what features to look for erstwhile buying astir later.

How To Use Google Keyword Planner For SEO

Now, let’s locomotion done the steps to getting Keyword Planner acceptable up – and getting you 1 measurement person to your keyword probe goals.

1. Create An Account

First and foremost, you request to person a Google relationship to leverage Google Keyword Planner.

If you already person an account, you volition request to log in.

Google Create an Account PageImage from Google, August 2022

2. Log In

Once you person created your caller account, log into Keyword Planner.

3. Choose A Task

Upon logging into Keyword Planner, you volition beryllium presented with 2 options, “discover caller keywords” and “get hunt measurement and forecasts.”

If you are unsure of which enactment you are looking for, leap successful and springiness 1 a try!

Discover New Keywords

Discover caller keywords is simply a large enactment erstwhile you are looking to grow the keywords, phrases, oregon topics you are covering for your domain.

You tin besides usage a domain’s URL to assistance filter retired suggestions that aren’t a bully lucifer for your business.

This volition supply you with ideas for related keywords, the monthly hunt volume, however overmuch it has changed successful request year-over-year, the level of competition, and the outgo per click (CPC).

You person the enactment to broaden your hunt to see different keywords to springiness you much divers keyword ideas.

You tin besides constrictive it down to the desired criteria for location, language, and clip frames.

If you privation to get adjacent much granular, depending connected your hunt topics, you volition beryllium presented with the enactment to refine based connected options similar marque oregon non-brand, caller oregon used.

Get Search Volume And Forecasts

This interface looks a batch similar the “discover caller keywords” idiosyncratic interface (UI).

One of the biggest differences present is that you are putting successful the keyword(s) you specifically privation to research, whereas the observe instrumentality gives you different ideas.

Once you taxable your keywords, you volition again beryllium presented with the hunt volume, three-month change, year-over-year change, contention rating, and debased and high CPC prices.

We are going to leap successful and usage “Discover caller keywords.”

Keyword Planner MenuImage from Google Keyword Planner, August 2022

4. Define Your Criteria

Now comes the amusive part!

You are presented with 2 options to statesman searching.

One is searching with keywords oregon starting with a website URL. If you are a marque caller tract and you are alert of immoderate competitors successful the space, you whitethorn privation to leverage their occurrence to assistance pass your strategy.

Using the “Start with a website” diagnostic is simply a large enactment for this.

It offers the granularity of the full tract oregon a circumstantial leafage and location.

Keyword Planner Discover New KeywordsImage from Google Keyword Planner, August 2022

5. Get Your Data

We volition leverage the “Discover caller keywords” enactment for [cookies] to spot what level of information we tin achieve.

You tin spot for the keyword [cookies], Keyword Planner provides america with keyword information and related ideas.

If you privation to get much elaborate insights, you tin alteration the determination and day range, adhd to your scope of the search, and refine your options.

Now that you person each this large data, you whitethorn privation to stock it; and we person 2 options for that.

You tin download the information via a CVS record oregon Google Sheets successful the precocious right-hand corner.

This volition let you much flexibility to manipulate and filter the information for your needs.

Keyword Planner Get Your DataImage from Google Keyword Planner, August 2022

While this usher sheds immoderate airy connected the disposable functionalities successful Google Keyword Planner for SEO, determination is simply a full satellite of accusation retired determination connected the different functions Keyword Planner tin supply – whether that’s for SEO, paid marketing, oregon conscionable wide learning.

You tin ever instrumentality a look astatine the documentation Google provides.

Maybe you are already acquainted with Google Keyword Planner, and you are acceptable to effort thing new.

In that case, cheque retired 24 Best Google Keyword Planner Alternatives by Eli Schwartz.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of tools connected the marketplace to assistance execute your goals, but getting started shouldn’t consciousness impossible.

Get started with Google Keyword Planner contiguous and instrumentality 1 measurement person to achieving your objectives!

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