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DuckDuckGo says it volition present artifact Microsoft trackers successful its mobile apps and browser extensions.

DuckDuckGo Now Says It Will Block Microsoft Trackers

DuckDuckGo responds to caller disapproval saying the third-party tracking scripts it blocks volition present see scripts from Microsoft.

Earlier this year, a information researcher discovered DuckDuckGo’s mobile browser transferring information to Microsoft-owned properties erstwhile visiting definite websites.

As a institution that promises ne'er to way users, DuckDuckGo recovered itself successful occupation erstwhile the information researcher shared his findings online.

The contented stems from DuckDuckGo’s hunt syndication woody with Microsoft Bing, and CEO Gabriel Weinberg dismissed it, saying “nothing tin supply 100% protection.”

Now, Weinberg is connected a ngo to “raise the modular of trust,” arsenic helium announces DuckDuckGo is expanding third-party tracker loading protection.

“Raising that modular means maximizing the privateness we connection by default, being transparent astir however our privateness protections work, and doing our champion to marque the Internet little creepy. Recently, I’ve heard from a fig of users and recognize that we didn’t conscionable their expectations astir 1 of our browser’s web tracking protections. So contiguous we are announcing much privateness and transparency astir DuckDuckGo’s web tracking protections.”

DuckDuckGo Blocks Microsoft Trackers

DuckDuckGo is expanding the third-party tracking scripts it blocks from loading connected websites to see Microsoft trackers.

This update is rolling retired implicit the adjacent week to DuckDuckGo’s mobile browsing apps connected iOS and Android and its desktop browser extensions.

Weinberg continues successful a blog post:

“This expands our 3rd-Party Tracker Loading Protection, which blocks identified tracking scripts from Facebook, Google, and different companies from loading connected third-party websites, to present see third-party Microsoft tracking scripts. This web tracking extortion is not offered by astir different fashionable browsers by default and sits connected apical of galore different DuckDuckGo protections.”

Weinberg adds that DuckDuckGo’s tracker loading extortion is nary longer held backmost by a argumentation statement with Microsoft:

“Previously, we were constricted successful however we could use our 3rd-Party Tracker Loading Protection connected Microsoft tracking scripts owed to a argumentation request related to our usage of Bing arsenic a root for our backstage hunt results. We’re gladsome this is nary longer the case. We person not had, and bash not have, immoderate akin regulation with immoderate different company.”

After the update rolls retired adjacent week, 1 third-party tracker volition beryllium allowed to load to assistance advertisers measurement advertisement clicks.

Weinberg explains wherefore DuckDuckGo doesn’t artifact the tracker by default:

“Currently, if an advertiser wants to observe conversions for their ain ads that are shown connected DuckDuckGo, 3rd-Party Tracker Loading Protection volition not artifact requests from loading connected the advertiser’s website pursuing DuckDuckGo advertisement clicks, but these requests are blocked successful each different contexts.”

Disabling ads successful DuckDuckGo’s hunt settings volition let you to debar each trackers.

Providing further transparency, DuckDuckGo has published a caller page with a implicit database of each the web tracking protections it offers.

Source: DuckDuckGo
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