Does Google Search Console Show All Data?

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Last updated connected June 22, 2022.

In this speedy SEO FAQ video, I supply my commentary connected whether Google Search Console shows each data.

Does Google Search Console amusement each data? Can you usage lone Google Search Console erstwhile auditing a website? Does it supply information astir each pages?

Google Search Console is astir apt the azygous astir important SEO tool. However, it is highly important to cognize however to usage it and to recognize its limitations.

Read my notes beneath and ticker the SEO FAQ video astir Google Search Console data.

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Does Google Search Console amusement each data? [Video]

Key points astir Google Search Console data

  • The main intent of Google Search Console is to fto you larn astir however your website is performing successful Google Search.
  • Google Search Console provides information successful antithetic types of reports, specified arsenic the Performance report, the Index report, the Experience report, the Enhancements report, oregon the Security & Manual Actions report.
  • In each report, Google Search Console provides a illustration of data. The illustration is large capable for you to beryllium capable to gully meaningful conclusions and beryllium capable to determine astir the desired people of enactment for your website.
  • For example, successful the Performance report, you tin spot the apical 1000 queries your tract is displayed for. If you constrictive the study down to 1 URL, you volition beryllium capable to spot the apical 1000 queries for that circumstantial URL.
  • The Page Experience study (which is made of the Core Web Vitals report) besides shows you meaningful samples of pages that person a circumstantial contented oregon that walk Core Web Vitals.
  • If you are doing a technical SEO audit of a site, you should usage a crawler, specified arsenic Sitebulb oregon Screaming Frog arsenic good to get the accusation astir each URLs. Google Search Console whitethorn not amusement you each the URLs, particularly if you person a immense website.
  • You tin usage Keywords Everywhere to beryllium capable to spot keyword metrics similar measurement straight successful GSC.
  • Make definite to ticker the Google Search Console grooming playlist connected YouTube to recognize each portion of GSC.

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