Can You Rank On Google Without Backlinks?

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Last updated connected May 14, 2022.

👉 In this speedy SEO FAQ video, you volition get to cognize Olga’s insights and commentary connected whether you tin fertile connected Google without backlinks.

Can you fertile without backlinks? Wondering if it is imaginable to fertile your articles without immoderate backlink acquisition?

If you are a beginner SEO, you astir apt person a batch of akin questions astir SEO. And I americium present to assistance you reply these questions.

Watch the video beneath and work my notes.

Can you fertile  connected  Google without backlinks?

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Can you fertile connected Google without backlinks? [Video]

Key points astir ranking connected Google without backlinks

  • Yes, you tin fertile connected Google without backlinks for hundreds, thousands, oregon adjacent millions of keywords.
  • Long-tail and little competitory keywords (e.g. keywords successful the signifier of questions similar the taxable of this article) tin usually fertile without backlinks.
  • Your nonfiction volition not fertile if it does not lucifer the intent of a fixed topic/keyword. Even backlinks are improbable to help.
  • With high-competition keywords wherever high-authority sites rank, you volition astir apt request backlinks too.
  • Always analyse what sites fertile for a fixed keyword to accurately measure whether you tin fertile for these presumption too.
  • As with everything successful SEO, the last reply is that it depends. It depends connected factors, specified arsenic the topic/keyword, its competitiveness, the prime of your content, hunt intent, however authoritative your tract is, and more.

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