Can You Rank For Multiple Keywords?

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Last updated connected May 13, 2022.

Wondering if your nonfiction oregon a leafage tin fertile for aggregate keywords?

If you are caller to SEO, you astir apt person a batch of questions astir keywords, however they enactment successful SEO, however to usage them correctly, etc. But don’t worry. I got you covered.

Watch the video beneath and work my notes to larn astir ranking for aggregate keywords.

Can you fertile  for aggregate  keywords?

👉 In this speedy SEO FAQ article, you volition get to cognize Olga’s insights and commentary connected whether you tin fertile for aggregate keywords.

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Can you fertile for aggregate keywords?

The abbreviated reply is YES. You tin and adjacent should fertile for aggregate keywords.

Key points

  • Yes, you tin fertile for aggregate keywords and you should strive for that.
  • Any palmy leafage oregon website volition fertile for aggregate keywords (hundreds, thousands, oregon adjacent more).
  • These keywords volition – successful astir cases – beryllium related to the main taxable of the leafage oregon volition beryllium a subtopic of the main taxable of the leafage (where you give a paragraph to it).
  • One keyword is improbable to bring you a batch of traffic.
  • A azygous leafage oregon nonfiction tin get a batch of postulation due to the fact that it ranks for aggregate related keywords. The much keywords it ranks for, the much postulation it usually gets.
  • When optimizing your pages, marque definite to optimize them for 1 main topic/keyword.
  • Multiple keywords you volition beryllium ranking for volition beryllium related keywords to the main taxable of your page.
  • Avoid trying to fertile for 2 oregon much wholly abstracted topics similar section SEO and method SEO. Stick to the regularisation of 1 main taxable per leafage (always).
  • When successful uncertainty astir whether a circumstantial keyword should beryllium a abstracted taxable for a abstracted page, bash a Google hunt for it and cheque what’s ranking.

Video transcript

So tin you fertile for aggregate keywords? Of course, you tin similar immoderate somewhat palmy nonfiction leafage volition ever fertile for aggregate keywords.

Only similar the ones that are benignant of dormant oregon astir dormant volition fertile for 1 keyword. So this is similar the purpose, usually.

Uh, if you privation to, if you privation to person a batch of postulation from Google to your article, you, successful astir cases, similar successful each cases, you won’t get each of that immense amounts of postulation from 1 azygous keyword.

Do you privation to get it from similar thousands oregon adjacent much keywords? Of course, um, galore of those keywords volition beryllium related, volition beryllium a saltation oregon a subtopic of what benignant of the main keyword, the main taxable of your, of your article, but they volition beryllium of course, similar wrong that, um, that topic, that clump with accidental a clump of topics, depending on, of people the taxable is this benignant of precise case-specific.

So yes, you tin fertile for multiple, aggregate keywords, but support successful caput that erstwhile you make an article, you shouldn’t, uh, optimize for similar 2 wholly antithetic keywords, like, which are wholly separate. So, uh, the mode to cheque if 2 keywords are similar separate, you tin simply benignant into Google. One of those skewers, spot what’s ranking and benignant different cure into Google and spot what’s ranking.

If their results are different, it means that Google treats them similar abstracted topics, abstracted hunt intense, and you astir apt privation to fertile for neither of them, if you optimize for some of them.

So yes, optimize for similar your main keyword. It’s very, determination it’s saltation related keywords, but the keyword has to beryllium similar wrong this 1 hunt intent, uh, this one, uh, meaning due to the fact that you volition beryllium competing with, with yourself, uh, oregon cannibalizing and you’ll simply beryllium wasting your time. So that’s my instrumentality connected it. See you successful the adjacent FAQ bye-bye.

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