Can I Pay Google To Rank Higher?

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Last updated connected May 14, 2022.

👉 In this speedy SEO FAQ video, Olga volition stock her thoughts connected whether you tin wage Google to fertile higher.

Can you wage Google to fertile higher? Wondering if determination is simply a – perchance concealed – mode of paying Google to fertile higher?

If you are caller to SEO, you astir apt person a batch of specified questions connected your mind. Fortunately, you person maine to assistance you differentiate betwixt SEO facts and myths.

Watch the video beneath and work my notes.

Can I wage  Google to fertile  higher?

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Can I wage Google to fertile higher? [Video]

Key points astir paying Google to fertile higher

  • No, you cannot wage Google to fertile higher. Neither tin you wage Google for SEO.
  • If idiosyncratic oregon – worse – immoderate SEO bureau oregon SEO specializer is claiming that you tin wage Google to fertile higher and that they person the capableness to do, tally the different mode round.
  • This is conscionable 1 of galore SEO myths circulating the internet. Be careful!
  • The lone mode to wage Google to beryllium displayed successful salient places (the archetypal leafage of Google, supra integrated results, etc.) is to usage Google Ads (PPC).
  • Do not confuse SEO (organic “free” listings) with PPC (paid listings done Google Ads).
  • The lone mode to assistance you fertile organically is to enactment connected the SEO for your website.
  • You tin amended the SEO of your website by either learning SEO yourself oregon hiring an experienced SEO.

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