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A probe study connected the authorities of B2B influencer selling shares penetration into concern opportunities successful 2022 and beyond.

Influencer selling is moving for the immense bulk of marketers, according to the report.

The survey from Lee Odden’s TopRank Marketing blog finds that 86% of B2B brands are palmy with influencer marketing.

Through influencer marketing, B2B brands execute results from boosting marque consciousness and estimation to straight expanding sales.

A 3rd of businesses study influencer selling has led to accrued revenue, and 85% judge involvement successful moving with influencers volition summation successful the adjacent 12 months.

The study answers questions astir champion practices and technologies, must-have qualities of a B2B influencer, and identifies cardinal areas of aboriginal growth.

Here are immoderate apical highlights from the 60-page report.

Does B2B Influencer Marketing Work?

The maturity of B2B influencer selling is akin to the improvement of contented selling successful caller years.

After seeing occurrence with one-off efforts, galore brands are present integrating influencer selling into their semipermanent strategies.

The survey surveys B2B selling and communications professionals astir their results with influencer marketing:

  • 86% accidental it’s either moderately oregon precise successful
  • 72% accidental it helped amended marque reputation
  • 70% accidental it improved marque awareness
  • 56% accidental it helped make caller leads
  • 33% accidental it was a nonstop gross generator

Who Is A B2B Influencer?

How bash you cognize if idiosyncratic is authentic, trustworthy, and credible capable to spouse with arsenic a B2B influencer?

According to the report, you request to look beyond vanity metrics similar followers and subscribers.

“Audience size matters little than assemblage relevance. The sheer fig of followers isn’t arsenic important to marketers arsenic relevance, credibility and expertise. Those with a ample assemblage tin assistance with the scope of a campaign, but it’s captious to see much influential radical with smaller audiences.”

When asked astir the influencers they spouse with, B2B marketers and communications professionals say:

  • Industry experts and analysts (77%)
  • Internal executives (56%)
  • Niche experts (48%)
  • Customers (46%)
  • Professional influencers (45%)
  • Employees (42%)
  • Prospects (12%)

Top Qualities Of A B2B Influencer

To larn much astir the apical qualities of a B2B influencer, TopRank Marketing asked survey respondents to fertile a database of qualities arsenic Essential, Nice to Have, oregon Not Important.

These are the results:

  • Relevance of assemblage (98%)
  • Audience sees them arsenic trustworthy (87%)
  • Subject substance expertise (78%)
  • Values align with the marque (69%)
  • Influencer publishes connected astatine slightest 1 level (65%)
  • Ability to make contented (54%)
  • Size of assemblage (49%)
  • Professional credentials (42%)
  • Advocate for our marque (33%)

Most Effective Types Of Content For B2B Influencer Marketing

The types of contented survey respondents
find astir effectual amusement a inclination towards interactive and multimedia collaboration.

Blog posts topped the database successful the past report. In 2022, webinars are the wide favorite.

When asked what types of contented are favored successful the existent B2B influencer selling climate, respondents said:

  • Webinars (81%)
  • Social media (74%)
  • Blog posts (71%)
  • Recorded video (67%)
  • Interviews (62%)
  • Podcasts (52%)
  • Live video (48%)
  • Case studies (38%)
  • Industry (33%)
  • Interactive contented (31%)
  • Third-party expert (29%)
  • Social audio (22%)
  • Infographics (17%)

Top B2B Influence Opportunities

Although the B2B influencer selling abstraction is maturing, there’s inactive plentifulness of country for growth.

The study finds the astir accidental lies successful strategy development:

  • Less than fractional of B2B marketers accidental they person a documented influencer strategy
  • 28% of businesses accidental they person an undocumented/informal strategy
  • 25% accidental they person nary strategy astatine all

For much connected what’s moving successful B2B influencer marketing, the escaped study is disposable here.

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