5 Competitor Analysis Tools You Should Be Using

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It probably feels arsenic if you request tens of selling tools to get a implicit representation of the rival landscape. I’ve surely tried excessively galore of them passim my career.

But the information is conscionable a fewer close tools volition screen astir of your rival investigation needs. And they don’t request to interruption the bank. In fact, immoderate of the astir almighty ones are free.

In this article, we’ll spell done 5 rival investigation tools you should be using:

  1. Ahrefs – SEO, PPC, and contented marketing
  2. Brand24 – Brand monitoring
  3. SparkToro – Audience insight
  4. BuiltWith – Tech stack checker
  5. Visualping – Webpage monitoring

Let’s get into them.

1. Ahrefs – for SEO, PPC, and contented marketing

Most companies see integrated and paid hunt postulation to beryllium immoderate of their astir important postulation sources. Having reliable and insightful information astir what your competitors bash successful this abstraction is crucial—and that’s wherever Ahrefs comes into play.

Ahrefs provides information astir your competitors’ content, backlinks, keywords, PPC ads, and overmuch more. With its help, you tin make an SEO, PPC, and contented selling strategy to outsmart your competition.

My favorite functionality: Finding contented gaps betwixt you and your competitors

Ahrefs’ Site Explorer provides an in-depth look astatine some integrated and paid hunt traffic, including backlinks of immoderate website. There are lots of use cases for rival analysis, so I’ll conscionable explicate my favorite feature: Ahrefs’ Content Gap tool.

It shows keywords for which your competitors rank, but you don’t. These contented gaps tin rapidly springiness you galore caller ideas for your contented planning.

In Site Explorer, participate your ain domain and past click “Content gap.” Your domain volition automatically beryllium prefilled successful the “But the pursuing people doesn’t fertile for” field. All that’s near present is to database a fewer domains that are your integrated postulation competitors:

Text tract  for competitors. Below that is substance   tract  for your domain

Hit “Show keywords”:

List of keywords and corresponding information  (volume, KD, CPC, SERP)

You’ll get a immense database of keywords. Now it’s each astir playing with the provided filters.

To summation relevance, let’s take the enactment wherever astatine slightest 2 rival websites fertile for each keyword. You tin bash truthful by selecting it successful the intersection filter. Then filter for the champion keyword opportunities by mounting a minimal hunt measurement and comparatively debased maximum KD score:

List of keywords aft  filters applied

I’m definite you’ll find immoderate large keyword opportunities this way.


Free to spot method SEO recommendations and backlinks to the websites you ain utilizing Ahrefs Webmaster Tools.

For rival investigation tools and features, you’ll request a paid program starting astatine $82 a month. There’s besides a seven-day proceedings for $7.

Check retired Ahrefs here.

2. Brand24 – for marque monitoring

Using societal media as a connection transmission is simply a indispensable for the immense bulk of companies. But seeing what your competitors bash and however their assemblage perceives them crossed a immense assortment of platforms isn’t thing you tin easy bash by yourself. But nary worries. Media monitoring tools, similar Brand24, have got this covered.

Brand24 tracks mentions of keywords that you privation to show crossed the full web with a absorption connected societal media. For rival analysis, it’s utilized to place and analyse online conversations astir your competitors’ brands and products.

My favorite functionality: Spying connected competitors’ marque mentions

Brand24 revolves astir mounting up a task with keywords you privation to track. These keyword mentions tin past beryllium segmented, filtered, and analyzed to summation actionable insights. You’ll decidedly privation to way your ain marque and merchandise mentions. But we’re present to speech astir your competitors.

So acceptable up a abstracted task (or projects) with the sanction of rival brands and products. You’ll brushwood keywords that besides person different meanings. You tin either permission them retired oregon use the required and excluded keyword filters on the mode to support the irrelevant ones retired of your reports:

Project settings to adhd  main   keyword, add/remove different   keywords

This rival mentions monitoring allows you to:

  • Adjust your connection based connected what works champion successful your industry.
  • Get merchandise insights based connected however radical respond to the improvement of your competitors’ products.
  • Assess however radical comprehend your marque and your competitors via sentiment analysis.
  • Benchmark your media scope and share of voice against your competitors.

I’m definite determination are adjacent much usage cases. Here’s an illustration of information from a summary dashboard:

Summary information  above. Below that are enactment     graphs showing mentions and societal  media reach, respectively


Plans commencement astatine $49 a period for tracking 3 keywords. Tracking your marque and your competitors volition necessitate a higher program for $99 a period that offers 7 keywords.

Brand24 besides offers a 14-day free trial.

Check retired Brand24 here.

3. SparkToro – for assemblage insights

Doing marketplace research to recognize your assemblage is indispensable for your selling success. Chances are, the probe besides contains competitory investigation information similar marque perceptions, estimations of competitors’ selling funnels, and marketplace shares crossed segments. Those are all great.

But seeing what the assemblage of your competitors really does connected the net is simply a alternatively caller happening that tools similar SparkToro allow america to get successful seconds.

SparkToro is an assemblage probe instrumentality that provides accusation astir what immoderate assemblage reads, watches, listens to, and follows. Those insights tin beryllium retrieved based connected keywords, societal media accounts, websites, oregon hashtags. Needless to say, each of those inputs tin beryllium utilized to amended recognize your competitors’ audience.

My favorite functionality: Discovering wherever competitors’ assemblage engages

SparkToro is casual to usage and navigate. Let’s bash an illustration investigation connected the SparkToro assemblage itself by plugging successful its Twitter profile:

Text tract  to adhd  Twitter illustration

It volition instrumentality a batch of information regarding the demographics of the audience. But successful this case, we’ll absorption connected societal media accounts, websites, podcasts, and YouTube channels the assemblage follows and pays attraction to. Here’s an illustration of a study aft filtering for idiosyncratic societal media accounts with less than 50K followers:

List of societal  media accounts with corresponding information  (percent of audience, SparkScore, societal  followers)

With information similar this, you tin easy spot caller advertizing and sponsorship opportunities crossed galore antithetic channels. Just enactment unneurotic each the insights by plugging successful your competitors’ societal profiles, websites, keywords, and immoderate “owned” hashtags.


SparkToro is escaped for 5 searches a period with constricted study capabilities. Paid plans commencement astatine $38 a month.

Check retired SparkToro here.

4. BuiltWith – for checking tech stacks

Today’s selling heavy relies connected each sorts of tracking codes, pixels, and utilizing the close technologies successful the background. Some areas of selling similar SEO are adjacent straight intertwined with website development. Choosing the close tech stack tin often beryllium the archetypal measurement to success.

BuiltWith is a instrumentality that puts unneurotic each detectable technologies immoderate website is using, e.g., tracking pixels, outgo systems, web servers, and CDNs. You tin make a representation of tech stacks your competitors are using. Then either instrumentality inspiration from it oregon take superior solutions. 

My favorite functionality: Checking advertizing technologies

BuiltWith is the easiest and astir straightforward instrumentality to usage connected this list. Just look up websites of your competitors and instrumentality notes of immoderate exertion that stands out.

For selling purposes, you tin rapidly scan each of their detectable selling technologies. Since astir advertizing platforms usage tracking codes and pixels for remarketing, analytics, and attribution purposes, you’ll spot which platforms your competitors are contiguous on.

Finding retired that your competitors usage Google, Facebook, and Twitter ads isn’t a astonishment for anyone, though. But you tin find immoderate niche platforms oregon show networks that whitethorn beryllium worthy looking into. Here’s an illustration of what BuiltWith tin uncover successful its “Analytics and Tracking” section:

List of websites. Below each   are links to spot    stats and download database  of websites that usage  the site


BuiltWith is escaped for the usage lawsuit I depicted above. I’ve ne'er felt the request to see its paid plans, which commencement astatine $246 a month. Those plans look to spell mode beyond the basal functionality and whitethorn beryllium worthy it for businesses that request a deeper dive into what tech stacks their people assemblage and prospects use.

Check retired BuiltWith here.

5. Visualping – for monitoring webpage changes

Website plan and copywriting convey tons of information. They’re besides perpetually successful development, testing, and changing. And whether you admit it oregon not, each website takes a spot (or a lot) of inspiration from competitors and different websites successful the industry. You request to cognize what’s going connected successful this area.

Visualping is a instrumentality that keeps way of changes connected immoderate webpage. You plug successful a competitor’s URL, acceptable up alerts, and volition beryllium updated connected immoderate website changes.

My favorite functionality: Getting inspired by UX and CRO tweaks connected competitors’ websites

I’ve made a batch of decisions based connected website monitoring. Generally, the astir communal usage lawsuit for immoderate marketer is getting inspired by however your competitors effort to compression much retired of each visitant to their website.

In different words, we’re looking for idiosyncratic acquisition (UX) and conversion complaint optimization (CRO) tweaks that we tin follow connected our website without having to bash each the probe and A/B testing.

All you request to bash is to acceptable up the tracking of your competitors’ websites, and you’ll get alerted whenever determination is immoderate noteworthy change. For this use, it’s capable to acceptable up the checking frequence to hap regular oregon adjacent weekly.

You tin besides opt successful for “any change” oregon “tiny changes,” arsenic those tweaks tin scope from tiny changes successful transcript to conscionable changing CTA fastener positions and colors:

On near  broadside  is website that you privation  to way   changes. On the right, occupation  settings to tailor preferences

Keep successful caput that you shouldn’t blindly transcript immoderate your competitors do. Those changes whitethorn beryllium for the worse. Ideally, the alteration has to marque consciousness for you, and you should cognize that the rival does A/B investigating (checking with BuiltWith is simply a good start).


Visualping offers a escaped program with up to 65 checks a month, which would astir apt beryllium capable to screen the homepage, pricing, trial, and different important pages of your competitors connected a play basis.

If you’re much superior astir keeping way of your competitors’ websites, past bash effort retired the paid plans. Those commencement astatine $11 a period for 1,200 checks. “Price per page” checks people get cheaper arsenic you standard up the monitoring.

Check retired Visualping here.

Final thoughts

You whitethorn beryllium wondering: “So this is it? Just 5 tools to get a implicit representation of the competitory landscape?”

Well, yes and no.

I lone covered the indispensable tools that everyone tin and should usage without breaking the bank. I deliberately didn’t database tools that person a niche usage (e.g., analyzing YouTube oregon mobile app landscape). I besides avoided “overkill” selling quality platforms similar SimilarWeb that supply tons of competitory information but chiefly people endeavor and bureau customers.

Also, support successful caput the tools I listed present are the ones I person acquisition with and similar the most. Almost each instrumentality has a coagulated alternate that you whitethorn like more.

With this retired of the way, I besides privation to item a fewer much competitory investigation resources (not needfully tools) that are ace adjuvant and chiefly free:

  • Financial reports of nationalist companies to access a goldmine of firsthand accusation astir your competitors
  • Surveys and absorption groups to get quantitative and qualitative information astir your marketplace and competitors
  • Ghost shopping to get nonstop lawsuit experiences from your competitors and perchance uncover their income tactics
  • Review platforms like G2, TrustPilot, Yelp, oregon Google My Business to cheque what your competitors’ customers say

So that’s it. If you’re conscionable uncovering retired astir the tools and are not definite what is the close mode to behaviour the competitory analysis, we besides person a elemental usher (including a template).

Got a instrumentality that I should notation here? Or conscionable a question? Ping maine on Twitter.