4 creative ways to find untapped keyword ideas

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Almost each concern superior astir its SEO, contented marketing, and integrated postulation and gross conducts immoderate benignant of keyword research.

However, the biggest occupation with keyword probe is that it yields beauteous overmuch the aforesaid keywords each time. If you and your competitors person the aforesaid keywords to enactment with, the extremity results volition beryllium rather similar. Consequently, you won’t beryllium capable to make the gulf you request to make connected the hunt motor results pages.

When you consistently bushed your competitors successful hunt by a wide margin, that’s erstwhile you scope the top.

To assistance you lick that problem, present are 4 originative ways that volition assistance you find untapped keyword ideas.

With these methods, you volition beryllium capable to find unique, lesser-known, oregon easy-to-target keywords. As a result, your keyword database volition extremity up precise antithetic than your competitors, and you volition beryllium capable to spot unsocial opportunities that they don’t.


Let’s begin.

1. Find lesser-known keywords with astute rival research

Conducting rival probe is simply a communal signifier to unearth keyword ideas and contented topics to target.

This is however it usually works:

You shortlist a fewer nonstop and indirect competitors, transcript their domain names, paste them into an SEO instrumentality similar SEMRush oregon Ahrefs, browse by their apical pages that get the astir integrated traffic, and transcript the keywords they are utilizing to thrust hunt traffic.

This is simply a valid method to find keywords, and it tin assistance thrust escaped integrated traffic.

But determination is conscionable 1 problem.

The keywords that you usually find with this method are each usually highly competitive. It is not ever casual to fertile for those keywords with a caller web page.

The bully quality is that you tin usage a fewer filters to rapidly trim down the abdominous and find keywords that are overmuch easier to target.

Instead of simply sorting by apical pages, adhd a filter to headdress the maximum keyword difficulty. For instance, adhd a filter, truthful the SEO instrumentality lone shows keywords with a maximum trouble of 10 and past benignant by pages (within that keyword trouble group) that get the astir integrated traffic.

If you request to find much keyword ideas, determination are 2 ways:

  1. Gradually summation the keyword trouble cap. From 10 to 15 and 20, and truthful forth.
  2. Use different competitor’s domain and travel the aforesaid method to find caller keyword ideas.

2. Find top-of-the-funnel keywords and contented ideas

Top-of-the-funnel keywords tin assistance thrust a batch of integrated postulation to your website. The biggest occupation with TOF keywords, however, is that astir blogs successful an manufacture people beauteous overmuch the aforesaid keywords with astir the aforesaid benignant of content.

However, determination are a fewer words that you tin usage arsenic modifiers to find unsocial and untapped keyword ideas.

Here is simply a database of specified modifier words that we urge using:

  • Help
  • Ideas
  • Learn
  • Tips
  • Examples
  • How
  • Who
  • Why
  • Where
  • Who
  • Tutorial
  • Lesson
  • Resource
  • Guide

Please enactment that these modifiers mostly lone enactment for top-of-the-funnel keyword ideas.

If you usage an SEO instrumentality specified arsenic Ahrefs, you tin adhd these modifiers successful the apical filter bar. Use the ‘Include’ tab to adhd these keywords and prime the ‘any word’ option.

3. Use unsocial modifiers to find bottom-of-the-funnel keyword ideas

While top-of-the-funnel keywords are comparatively easier to find, it is much challenging to find untapped bottom-of-the-funnel keyword ideas.

One ace casual mode to bash that is by utilizing unsocial modifiers earlier oregon aft shortlisted keyword phrases. A fewer communal examples of these modifiers would be:

  • Best
  • Cheap
  • Top
  • Pricing
  • Comparison
  • Order
  • Price
  • Purchase

So “what is an accounting software” (which is simply a top-of-the-funnel keyword idea) becomes “best accounting software”) which is simply a much bottom-of-the-funnel keyword idea.

This method tin assistance you find:

  • Longer-tail keywords
  • Keywords with little trouble levels
  • Lesser-known keywords that your competitors whitethorn not beryllium alert of yet

4. Tweak your effect keywords

The biggest crushed wherefore each concern and blog ends up with akin keywords is that they each usage the aforesaid effect keywords.

Seed keywords are the main, wide keywords that you usage successful SEO and keyword probe tools to find keywords and contented ideas.

For example, if you person a blog connected “beard” and usage that arsenic your lone effect keyword, you volition extremity up with precise communal keywords. However, if you usage antithetic effect keywords, your keyword database volition apt look precise different.

Instead of “beard” arsenic your effect keyword, effort utilizing the pursuing effect keywords that are antithetic and mightiness bring antithetic types of keyword ideas:

  • Facial hair
  • Goatee
  • Stubble


If you person been struggling with keyword research, usage the 4 tips we mentioned successful this blog post.

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